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    Category Archives: Luxury Homes

    guide to lakefront homes

    South Florida Places to Search for Lakefront Homes


    Waterfront homes have always been a real attraction in South Florida. Not surprising, the real estate market has an abundance of lakefront homes for sale. Particularly in towns like Coral Gables, Doral, North Miami Beach, Hialeah, Hollywood and Miami Lakes. Prices are sloping downward lately and it is clearly a market for buyers. Awesome condominiums, apartment, […]

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    87 park novak djokovic penthouse view

    Local Penthouse Guide


      There are many levels of penthouses in Miami. The penthouse can be quite a modest accomodation and not out of reach of even the most middle class of individuals. But then there are the multi-millionaires who purchase penthouses above 3 million. Once you get above 6 million you are talking about the multi-generational wealth of […]

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    where to find the best house in miami without the help of real estate agent

    Your Guide To Buying Miami Condos For Sale


    Looking for a condo in South Florida, particularly in downtown Miami, can be challenging given that listings can be very limited for homes or condominiums that suit your preferences. Finding Miami condos for sale and selecting from Miami luxury real estate calls for thorough research to ensure you are getting the best deals for your […]

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    Sunny Isles New Developments

    Sunny Isles Beach New Developments And How Population Growth Fueled It


    What’s the key factor that influences real estate developments? It’s population growth. When an areas’ population is on an upward trend, it makes sense for developers to invest in new construction. That is exactly what happened to Miami, Sunny Isles Beach in particular. What makes new development in Sunny Isles even more compelling is the […]

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