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    Category Archives: Miami Neighborhoods

    6 affordable luxury condos checklist

    Affordable Luxury Condos


    First, let’s define what we mean by affordable luxury condos. It seems like an oxymoron to put affordable and luxury in the same sentence. But it’s certainly not that far off from your own point of view about condos in Miami. Affordable luxury condos will have the following: Central cooling and heating throughout the building […]

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    miami condo floor plans

    Luxury Floor Plans: Your Guide


    One of the most overlooked components in buying or renting the perfect luxury condo is the floor plan. Miami Real Estate Trends looks at the best designs and layouts of some of the most outstanding properties in Miami. Take a look and see which floor plan suits your lifestyle with this comprehensive guide. Best Sunny […]

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    Miami foreclosure guide

    Foreclosure Homes in Miami: What to Ask


    A lot of people think of seeking out great real estate deals by jumping on foreclosure homes in Miami. While this can be a prudent move, there are risks involved and in Florida. A recent piece of state congressional legislation went into effect has changed the process. Read on to discover exactly what happened and […]

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    Top 10 Best Service Providers in South of Fifth [SoFi]


      Just moved to a new condo in the South of Fifth neighborhood? Sooner or later you are going to need a good recommendation for a service provider of various demands. These are some providers we proudly recommend to clients and friends in the area.   South of Fifth is one of the most affluent […]

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    finding the best penhouses in miami

    Miami Penthouses by Street

    The only thing hotter than the weather in South Florida is the burgeoning real estate market, particularly luxury penthouses in Miami. A Miami penthouse search will run the gamut from reasonably priced to jaw-dropping spendy. The luxury doesn’t necessarily follow the price tag as some units are priced based on former penthouse tenants or equally […]

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    87 park novak djokovic penthouse view

    Local Penthouse Guide

      There are many levels of penthouses in Miami. The penthouse can be quite a modest accomodation and not out of reach of even the most middle class of individuals. But then there are the multi-millionaires who purchase penthouses above 3 million. Once you get above 6 million you are talking about the multi-generational wealth of […]

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    sunny isles service providers

    Top 10 Best Service Providers in Sunny Isles


    Sunny Isles Service Guide   There are a lot of choices to make when you arrive in a new place. Service providers in Sunny Isles are a cut above the rest. Just some basic info before we get started: Sunny Isles Beach, is a resort area that’s a hotspot of cultural diversity. There are a […]

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    top 10 service providers in Brickell

    Top 10 Best Service Providers in Brickell


    So you have moved into Brickell, maybe Santa Maria or Jade at Brickell, but the area is still unfamiliar to you. Check out our personalized list of the best service providers in the Brickell area. These are services our condo buying clients required immediately or in the near future after moving in. The list ranges from […]

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