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    Fisher Island Condos

    Fisher Island Condos

    Fisher Island Condos for Rent

    Fisher Island Condos for Sale

    Fisher Island is a unique 216-acre neighborhood found in South Florida and is home to the finest luxuries that upscale individuals would enjoy. It is located 3 miles from the Miami shore and can only be reached by riding an exclusive ferry or a private helicopter. This is a rare and elegant fusion of exclusivity and luxury. Fisher Island luxury real estate are some of the most sought after properties in the entire country.

    The island is home to a very limited number of families whose income well above the US average. Most of the households trace their origins to the US. Especially well represented are New York City and Chicago. A fraction of residents are elite citizens from around the world. They have purchased the best luxury condos in Fisher Island as a 3rd vacation home. The island also abounds with people who are just temporarily staying in Fisher Islands apartments for rent for a short period of time to experience living in the luxury island.

    World Class Fisher Island Recreational Amenities

    As the residents are accustomed to an upscale lifestyle, the places for recreation are made to match their taste and preferences. You will find a 9-hole golf course, 18 tennis courts, a large public spa, and a beachfront that is refurbished with the best-imported sand every morning. Kids also get to enjoy jungle gyms, sports fields, and basketball courts anytime they wish.

    Fisher Island Small Town Luxury

    There is also nothing to worry about with regards to your needs. Fisher Island is also home to multiple luxury commercial establishments. The island has a few options for restaurants that offer fine dining. You can also find a post office, a bank, a salon, a shopping center, and a fire station in the area. Residents can also enroll their children in the Fisher Day School. One of the great learning centers of Miami for the elite youngsters. It is geared towards preparing children to enter middle school.

    Homes and apartments on the island are very limited and have a frontage. Those who live in residential condos get to enjoy a great view of either the vast ocean or the stunning Miami cityscape. Most of the buildings are relatively new. but don’t expect any newer building to rise because of the very limited space of the small Island.

    Fisher Island Condos in Demand

    Fisher Island condos for sale are always highly in-demand. so it would make sense to invest in this neighborhood. Either invest in it as a rental condo or your exclusive vacation residence. Having your own property in this island will definitely give you excellent value for your money.

    Miami Real Estate Trends is a licensed broker that could help you find the best properties for sale in Fisher Island. They could also get access to Fisher Island apartments for rent. You can contact them at +1 (305)433-2818.