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    Sunset Islands - Neighborhood details, listings & statistics
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    Sunset Islands

    Island properties near Miami Beach and Miami are usually geared toward an upscale market. A few of these islands represent this as closely as Sunset Islands. The 4 interconnected islands feature some of the most stunning and luxurious properties in the region. The community in this area is very tightly-knit and made up of people who can afford to lead a luxurious lifestyle in one of the most coveted areas near Miami.

    The 4 Sunset Islands are situated in the beautiful Biscayne Bay. They have waterfront views and access, which makes them extremely desirable, and there is not a lot of fluctuation in the real estate market.

    If you have explored the Caribbean islands, you will realize the Sunset Islands are connected to each other in a very similar manner. Driving from one island to the other is very easy in case you want to visit a neighbor. Being located on water, the Sunset Islands are appealing to people who have their personal boats or yachts and this extravagant lifestyle sparks most of the social interaction in the area.

    The real estate in Sunset Islands is primarily composed of large (6 to 8 bedrooms) to medium sized (3 to 6-bedroom) houses. A majority of the residential properties in the region are owner occupied.

    So, whether you are looking to buy or rent a large or medium-sized property in Sunset Islands, our realtors can be of immense help. They will show you our broad and versatile collection of the homes available here for both rent and sale.


    The average income of a household in Sunset Islands is $116,121. The percentage of white folks is staggeringly high followed by Hispanics and African-Americans. The percentage of white collar workers in the area is greater than blue collar workers. The population is equally divided in terms of gender. The average real estate sale price in this affluent area is a steep $7.5 million, while the average rental price is $22,252.

    Restaurants and Shopping Malls

    You will find some of the best Italian restaurants in this neighborhood. There are many other restaurants as well in Sunset Islands that serve a variety of American, Mexican and South American cuisines. Some of the popular restaurants in the neighborhood are The Rusty Pelican, Macaluso’s Restaurant, Juvia, Casa Tua Restaurant, La Moderna, Icorsini, Knr Lincoln and Sugo.

    The 4 islands also boast some of the top shopping malls in Miami. Some of the notable include The Shops at Sunset Place, Sunset Harbor Shops, Dadeland Shopping Mall, Dolphin Mall and Sawgrass Mills Mall.


    There are plenty of good schools in Sunset Islands; some of them are listed below:

    • North Beach Elementary School
    • Nautilus Middle School
    • Miami Beach Senior High School

    Home Age

    A great majority of houses in this area are new while many others have undergone major remodeling and renovation. And most houses in the region were built after the 1970s.

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