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Selected Listings

    Existing listings

    Aqua Gorlin

    , 6101 Aqua Avenue Miami Beach FL 33141

    • Price Range$650,000 to $1,800,000
    • Bedrooms2-4 Bedrooms
    • Year Built2005
    • Number of units25
    • Stories11
    • SF Range1,316 SF to 2,395 SF
    • Average Price / Sq.Ft$622
    • Average Days on Market465 day(s)

    Aqua Gorlin logo

    Aqua Gorlin

    There are a lot of high-rise luxury real estates in Miami and it gets difficult to decide which to buy or lease a condo in. But what if you are the type who prefers a mid-rise building or a smaller neighborhood that still has the same five-star services and amenities? You don’t have to go far because Aqua Gorlin might just be what you’re looking for.

    Aqua Gorlin is one of the three Aqua buildings in the Allison Island. Built more than a decade ago, as of 2017, Aqua Gorlin is still fully booked since all of its units are sold. However, there are several listings online that show rentals of two to three units. In any case, unit buyers of the Aqua Gorlin tend to be very content with their home purchase and there are several reasons why.

    Aqua Gorlin Part of the Exclusive Aqua Condos

    First, Aqua Gorlin is located at a very exclusive island. Only residents can enter the area and enjoy its amenities. As mentioned earlier, Aqua Gorlin is one of three Aqua condominiums the other two being Chatham and Spear. Second, the architecture of the building is just a masterpiece. The Gorlin resembles a compass where the building has a north, south, east and west wing and they are all joined at a top by a curving structure.

    Moreover, Aqua Gorlin is only 11 stories and has a total of 29 units each having three bedrooms. Its design and architecture speaks to the exclusivity and privacy they want their residents to enjoy. Another reason to consider it as an investment opportunity is its strategic location. Since it is along Allison Island in Miami Beach, it has convenient access to South Beach and its booming nightlife and beachfront destinations, La Gorce and its exclusive golf course, and also Collins Ave that is famous for the world-class restaurants and shops that line it. Lastly, among a lot of reasons, Aqua Gorlin seeks to give the best to its residents and so with its interior designs and services, residents can be given a luxury home they deserve.

    Last 2016, the average selling price was in a high end of Miami Beach ranging in the type of condominium unit you will buy. Several listings also noted that the average rate per square foot is in a low end of Miami Beach. Sadly, as mentioned above, all units are sold, so if you truly want to invest in this five-star luxury condo, continuously consult with agents and realtors about this property. You’ll never know when units will be open for re-selling or even leasing.

    Aqua Gorlin Amenities

    • 24-hour concierge services
    • 24-hour valet parking to all residents
    • 24-hour full security
    • Heated lap pool and swimming pool
    • Sundry shop
    • Multi-purpose area for parties
    • High-ceiling lobby
    • Pedestrian and jogging paths around the Aqua condominiums
    • Spa services

    Aqua Gorlin Facilities

    • State-of-the-art and fully equipped fitness center
    • Business center and conference rooms
    • Private boat docks
    • 24-hour security at the entrance of the island


    Questions about this property? Call +1-305-433-2818.




    5 for sale

    Of Building

    0 for rent

    Of Building

    Sales History

    • past 12

    • 24-36

    • 36-60

    avg price per sf
    avg sold price
    465 day(s)
    avg days on market

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