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    atlantiqua miami beach logo

    Atlantiqua Miami Beach

    Atlantiqua is South Beach’s premiere low-rise super exclusive residential building that is considered the home of only a select few. The Atlantiqua is an architecturally stunning, luminous, and highly sensuous 4-story, 4-unit residence located right in the heart of South Beach, facing the blue Atlantic along the famed Miami Coast and within walking distance to the cultural core of this well-known parcel of land in Miami where condos for sale go for millions of dollars.

    Atlantiqua may be dwarfed by the other luxury residences in SoBe, but it’s full of architectural and engineering wonders. The penthouse condo unit at Atlantiqua boasts a stunning infinity edge pool on the rooftop, giving residents an unobstructed view of surrounding South Beach. Not to be outdone, the second and third-floor units come with a built-in swimming pool in the balcony, creating an experience that is unlike any other.

    The beach is just several meters away, just a few skip and hops, and residents frolicking in the sun and sand that have essentially put this famed strip of land precious luxury real estate on the world map. On the other side of Atlantiqua, chic boutiques, art galleries, fine dining restaurants, and SoBe’s iconic entertainment centers provide the kind of posh lifestyle that many residents are after. Its location makes it the ideal playground of the world’s jet-setter, culture-seekers, and fashionistas.

    Atlantiqua Luxury Residence Interiors

    The interior of the Atlantiqua residence seduces the guest on first glance. The sleek lines and elegant finishes of its cabinetry, furniture, and fixtures reflect the level of opulence that the residents expect of this ultra-posh residence. Each of the kitchen and living room appliances as well as those in the bedroom can be controlled smartly, using smart mobile applications as well as other remote devices. The bathroom features a lot of the latest technologies in a spacious setting. Every nook and cranny of the interiors are designed for optimum ergonomics meant primarily to stimulate the senses.

    Residential Listings

    There are luxury residences and then there’s the Atlantiqua style of luxury. Because of its exclusivity, the price may be steeper than other properties in the area. Nevertheless, given its premier location, the superb state of the art amenities and features, it is not surprising that the world’s best individuals consider this their home. Atlantiqua has clearly rewritten earlier notions of absolute luxury.

    Atlantiqua Amenities

    • 2 well-maintained and fully landscaped swimming pools
    • Changing facilities complete with day lockers
    • 24-hour gym and fitness center with state of the art gym and exercise equipment
    • Full-service spa staffed by highly qualified and duly trained staff
    • Modern relaxation suite
    • Sauna bath and steam rooms
    • 24-hour valet services
    • Fully private garage parking complete with exclusive residents-only access

    Atlantiqua Features

    • Ultra-exclusive residential 4-story building
    • 1 residence per floor
    • Penthouse units with infinity edge swimming pool
    • Custom built kitchen cabinetry
    • Ultra-chic kitchen with center island, granite, and marble countertops
    • Spacious bathrooms with deluxe bathroom fixtures
    • State of the art kitchen appliances
    • Ultra-modern bathtub with glass enclosures
    • Excellent access to the famed beaches

    Condos for sale at Atlantiqua along with other luxury condos are available for viewing. Call us at +1-305-433-2818 and see the Miami Real Estate Trends difference.


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