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Selected Listings

    Existing listings

    Bayside Village

    , 2011-2543 Fisher Island Dr Fisher Island, FL 33109

    • Price Range$1,480,000 to $1,500,000
    • Bedrooms2-4
    • Year Built1988
    • Number of units104
    • Stories6
    • SF Range1,912 SF to 1,912 SF
    • Average Price / Sq.Ft$779
    • Average Days on Market446 day(s)

    Bayside Village logo

    Bayside Village

    Bayside Village is a world-class luxury beachfront property designed to provide an endless feast for the senses. Located in the upper-crust Fisher Island neighborhood that’s frequented by some of the world’s most celebrated personalities. A classic example of how superb architectural ingenuity can be enhanced by the natural beauty of its surroundings.

    But the residences are not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. Each of the 1- to 6- bedroom units are well-appointed with all the lavish amenities of modern and contemporary living. Each residence is designed with an open living concept so residents can have excellent control of what they want to do with the living space. Bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are all adorned with only the best in contemporary lifestyle. Vaulted ceilings provide a spectacular contrast to the wide open balconies that allows residents to be greeted by the warm waters of Biscayne Bay, the quaint waves of which lapping at the exclusive beach, just several steps away. And if the bay doesn’t magnetize you, the luxury pools will.

    Living in a residence that is home to high-value individuals can only command utmost service from the property’s management. Because of the opulence of its residents, the property’s security features and arrangements are superb. Each residence has its own smart technology access controls to beef up the 24-hour manned security. The exclusive Fisher Island Marina can be the best parking spot for high-end luxury yachts and other water vessels, giving an entirely different approach to contemporary living.

    Individuals, as well as groups who are looking for an excellent investment, can take full advantage of the various leasing options. Because of its prime location, it is deemed a very lucrative investment. The Bayside Village is just minutes away by car from the pulsating lifestyle of Miami. South Beach with its eclectic boutiques, art galleries, and fine dining restaurants are a mere 5 minutes by car.

    Everyone wants to live in Miami. But only a select few can live in Bayside Village where every minute is a feast for the senses.

    Bayside Village Amenities

    • Spectacular bay and marina views
    • 24 hour manned and state of the art security and surveillance
    • Fully manned, well-known Spa Internazionale
    • Well stocked gourmet market
    • Sophisticated helicopter pad
    • Private ultra-luxurious Jacuzzi
    • Exclusive fully heated swimming pool
    • 18 well-maintained tennis courts
    • Superb yachting and marina center
    • Highly exclusive beach
    • Beautifully landscaped 9-hole golf course
    • 8 gastronomic, gourmet, and fine dining restaurants
    • Fisher Island Day school
    • Assigned parking
    • Pets allowed so long as it doesn’t exceed 30 pounds
    • Access to the Fisher Island Hotel and Resort
    • On-island emergency services

    Bayside Village Features

    • Beach and marina just several meters away from property line
    • Excellent views of the bay as well as the marina
    • Floor plans available in 1- to 6- bedroom units
    • Custom made, imported granite kitchen counter tops
    • Full package kitchen appliances made with superior stainless steel
    • Custom designed wood cabinetry
    • Modern and contemporary kitchen and bath


    Questions about this property? Call +1-305-433-2818.



    2 for sale

    Of Building

    1 for rent

    Of Building

    Sales History

    • past 12

    • 24-36

    • 36-60

    avg price per sf
    avg sold price
    446 day(s)
    avg days on market


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