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    6 affordable luxury condos checklist

    Affordable Luxury Condos

    First, let's define what we mean by affordable luxury condos. It seems like an oxymoron to put affordable and luxury in the same sentence. But it's certainly not that far off from your own point of view about condos in Miami. Keep these in mind when searching for affordable luxury condos. Affordable luxury condos will have the following: Central cooling and heating throughout the building Laundry facilities (whether or not within your condo)  Dishwasher in the kitchen On-site fitness center Pet-friendly condo policy Pleasant view of the city or nature   While there are certainly loads of condos for sale which fit…
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    Miami real estate investment guide

    Investing Guide

      Many excited Miami real estate investors think they can get rich by using a bank loan to purchase and upgrade local fixer-uppers. The situation is slightly more complicated than that. Here is a guide for those new to the Miami real estate investing game. MIAMI REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES Investment opportunities in Miami real estate may be better than alternatives like the more homogeneous stock market. Key Ingredients to Miami Investment Success To go from "handyman" to real estate tycoon like Donald Trump whose company owns multiple developments in Miami like Trump Towers Miami, Hollywood Trump Tower, etc. You…
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    miami condo floor plans

    Luxury Floor Plans: Your Guide

    One of the most overlooked components in buying or renting the perfect luxury condo is the floor plan. Miami Real Estate Trends looks at the best designs and layouts of some of the most outstanding properties in Miami. Take a look and see which floor plan suits your lifestyle with this comprehensive guide. Best Sunny Isles Layouts Regalia Floor Plans This ultra-luxury real estate condo complex contains 39 condos, all of which are right next to the ocean and with a beautiful view. Only one spacious residence sits on each floor, with four to eight bedrooms in each unit and…
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    EB-5 Investor Visas for Miami

    EB-5 Investor Visa: 6 Amazing Statistics

    According to the Real Deal, the EB-5 investor visa:  "...was once scarcely used as a source of development financing now has a waiting list. Condominium projects, and more recently hotels and even restaurants, are increasingly turning to EB-5 investors to fund their construction and business expansion." Here are some interesting statistics about the EB-5 investor visa program in Miami. 1. In 2013, Florida saw EB-5 capital investment jump to $150.5 million up from $10.5 million in fiscal year 2010-’11.   2. Currently, Florida is ranked No. 3 in terms of EB-5 capital investment, up from being No. 11 less than…
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    Miami foreclosure guide

    Foreclosure Homes in Miami: What to Ask

    A lot of people think of seeking out great real estate deals by jumping on foreclosure homes in Miami. While this can be a prudent move, there are risks involved and in Florida. A recent piece of state congressional legislation went into effect has changed the process. Read on to discover exactly what happened and how it affects your options. So, are you interested in checking out foreclosure homes in Miami, Florida? Want to get on the internet and do a Miami foreclosure search? credit: curbed Foreclosure Homes in Miami, What Are the Differences? Miami foreclosures can be a gold…
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    Condos for sale Miami

    Condos for Sale in Miami: What to Focus On

    What to Focus on When Looking into Miami condos for sale. Keep these major points in mind when scanning the incredible variance of options online and in your brokers office. Of course, we offer a full service to help you every step of the way to save time but even before contacting us, have these essential points in mind and you will be a step ahead of the game. 1.Find below market rate listings such as this one completed by a regular buyer in San Francisco. 2. Check the previous sales for the condo building you have in mind. We…
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    guide to lakefront homes

    South Florida Places to Search for Lakefront Homes

    Waterfront homes have always been a real attraction in South Florida. Not surprising, the real estate market has an abundance of lakefront homes for sale. Particularly in towns like Coral Gables, Doral, North Miami Beach, Hialeah, Hollywood and Miami Lakes. Prices are sloping downward lately and it is clearly a market for buyers. Awesome condominiums, apartment, townhouses, and lakefront homes for sale are available at every price point buyers might require. If waterfront homes are what you desire, then South Florida is heaven on Earth. With more than it's share of natural inlets from the Atlantic and a highly cultivated zoning…
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    6 condo investment ideas

    How to Spot Miami Condo Investments [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Keep these ideas in mind when making your first condo investment. When you’re looking into Miami investment condos, make sure to do your homework. Researching thoroughly about condos for sale in Miami will mean the difference in a long term gain or a middling money pit. There are few essential points to keep in mind when scanning through the vast landscape of condo investment opportunities. Keep these in mind at all times: 1.Is the condo in a good neighborhood or location? 2. Does the price take into account long-term capital gains, what about taxes? 3.Are there local job market opportunities.…
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    Top 10 Best Service Providers in South of Fifth [SoFi]

      Just moved to a new condo in the South of Fifth neighborhood? Sooner or later you are going to need a good recommendation for a service provider of various demands. These are some providers we proudly recommend to clients and friends in the area.   South of Fifth is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in South Beach. It’s not only beautiful but surrounded by water with immediate access to some great activities in the area. There’s a huge park in the area for kids where people can enjoy the outdoors, along with historic restaurants like Smith and Wollensky…
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    finding the best penhouses in miami

    Miami Penthouses by Street

    The only thing hotter than the weather in South Florida is the burgeoning real estate market, particularly luxury penthouses in Miami. A Miami penthouse search will run the gamut from reasonably priced to jaw-dropping spendy. The luxury doesn't necessarily follow the price tag as some units are priced based on former penthouse tenants or equally famous designers. Ten years ago the average price per square foot for real estate in South Florida ranged anywhere from $1,000-$2,000 per square foot. Today? Try doubling and sometimes tripling that impressive number. In fact, a basic internet search of luxury penthouses in Miami unearthed…
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