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    Brickell luxury condos are situated in a fast-growing urban community in Miami that is slowly becoming the new heart of the city. Dubbed as the “new it-neighborhood”, Brickell has been through amazing economic development in the last few years and has attracted a lot of huge companies, and consequently, young professionals. Due to the nature of their interest, Brickell luxury condos have sprouted up in recent years like sawgrass.

    Brickell is densely populated by a very diverse group of people. Since most of them are in the working class, the biggest percentage of the population earns an average income and are employed by different companies. The residents have grown up expecting the best from Brickell luxury condos in the area though. They have clerical or administrative occupations, technology support positions, or sales and service jobs. They live in Brickell luxury condos early in their career but are able to purchase their own homes as they climb the corporate ladder.

    Brickell Demographics

    Those who earn an above average income make up the second biggest percentage. These individuals control their own businesses or are employed by a company where they hold executive positions. They are the ones who occupy most of the Brickell luxury real estate.

    In terms of ethnicity, most of the residents in Brickell are of Cuban and South American descent. Others are born in further continents, especially Europe and Asia.

    Since young professionals compose the majority of the population, most of the places for recreation in Brickell are made to please their taste and preferences. The neighborhood has a very booming nightlife. Residents can choose from a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and clubs where they can sip cocktails, sing karaoke and just hang out with friends and colleagues. During the day, residents can stroll along landscaped parks, watch movies in posh theaters, shop in boutiques, and visit museums. A long stretch of beaches is also readily available for those who want a quick vacation.

    Key Schools

    Kids and young adults who live in the neighborhood do not need to go far in order to study. There are several learning centers present in Brickell and they can accommodate students until high school. These schools include the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Brickell International Academy, and Key Point Academy.

    Looking at the residential properties owned by the residents of Brickell, it can be observed that most people live in apartments found in high-rise buildings. These apartment buildings can be very simple or can be the best luxury condos in Brickell. Most of them are very new and have been inhabited for only a few years and more condominium complexes are still bound to be constructed in the area.

    The growth of Brickell is not stopping anytime soon. The number of individuals wanting to live in the area is still expected to increase. In the end, the demand for Brickell condos for sale will also increase, so it would be wise to get your property now before the prices go any higher. Miami Real Estate Trends has access to an extensive list of Brickell apartments for rent and sale. They will definitely be able to support you in finding the unit that is perfect for your lifestyle. You can get in touch with them by calling +1 (305)433-2818.