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    Buying Miami Real Estate

    Buying Miami real estate, whether it is a luxury condo or home, is a complex process which requires a considerable amount of good information. In order to obtain our report on the current process to purchase luxury property in Miami, please fill out the form to your right.

    We have included a special section for overseas investors who would like to become permanent residents through the innovative EB5-Investor Visa process.

    Miami is a unique market due to the tremendous influx of overseas and offshore investors. Because of the temporary nature of many residents, Hotels often double as private residences. This is a common setup in the Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach Residences. Although prices remain volatile and are a major obstacle in securing a luxury property. Don’t be left out, discover the subtle undercurrents in the Miami Real Estate Trends which will guarantee you are completely satisfied with your buying Miami real estate experience.

    Along with this topic, there are many others covered in the report.

    Offshore Purchase Agreements

    Ensure your contract states the owner of the property is your locally incorporated entity and not just the developer’s name.

    Offshore purchase agreement


    Financing With Lower Rates

    Qualified buyers receive much lower rates than the publically stated figures seen when you contact a bank directly. Quality luxury realtors are familiar with the ins and outs of financing and should assist you in the process.

    Scouting Luxury Property Locations

          • Scouting luxury locations on a map pin

    Experienced brokers will not lead you towards unproven opportunities and should give you an objective point of view on where to discover the perfect luxury property location for your needs.

    How to Vet Luxury Real Estate Brokers

    Beyond the requisite licensing in their jurisdiction, quality luxury real estate brokers will have a sales record going back multiple years and, more than likely, have an excellent staff of satisfied trainee brokers. This and other tips are included in the report which you can receive for free by submitting your request.

    Determining the Accuracy of Photos

    Many brokers simply use the photos of the developer before the property is even built. This is neither helpful nor ethical if the property has already been constructed. We explain how to spot these anomalies and show you where to look for the most accurate depictions of the dream property you are interested in.Buying Miami real estate isn’t easy, but with our guide, you should be well on your way to creating the best case scenario for your investment.

    The Right Questions to Ask Your Broker

    Family trusts luxury real estate broker

    Besides, the professionalism of your broker, there are important questions to ask which can ensure that your broker is the right one for you. Even an excellent broker can have blind spots. Let our report point out the most important questions to ask.

    Psychological Aspects of Buying Miami Real Estate

    Most people come into large investments without much understanding of their weaknesses in dealing with very large sums of money. Taking your time to purchase your condo or luxury estate is only part of the process. The list of pitfalls and risks are far beyond just getting lucky and timing the market. You have to be psychologically prepared to buy.

    Many other valuable steps are included so do not delay in requesting your report today!

    Any questions about buying Miami Real Estate? Call us now at +1-305-433-2818