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    Commercial Properties for Sale in Miami

    Commercial Properties for Lease in Miami

    There are 5 main types of commercial properties on offer by Miami Real Estate Trends. Depending on your business objectives, there are several factors to consider when choosing the ideal property. Read the classifications below and contact us with any specific commercial needs.

    Multi-family Properties

    These include multi-family housing buildings. A popular investment method to maximize earnings is to sub-lease a commercial residential property which can yield returns far beyond the traditional passive income generating schemes like bonds and stocks.

    Healthcare Real Estate

    These include medical centers, hospitals, nursing homes. These include medical centers, hospitals, and nursing homes for the purpose of creating a business. Although the stereotype of Miami as a mecca of retirement homes seems to be a thing of the past, the demand for this type of property has never been stronger. An aging population, plus an overseas population seeking upper-class financial refuge in South Florida, has this sector booming.

    Industrial Commercial Developments

    These include industrial property, office/warehouses, garages and distribution centers. As Miami is strategically located at the foot of Latin America, most international businesses require a distribution point in Miami to create a cost effective starting point for their import and export logistics chain.

    Office Properties

    Both office buildings and serviced offices are the lifeblood of Downtown Miami, Brickell and even “industrial” Doral. The demand for this type of housing has never been stronger in Miami. This is due to the tech renaissance spreading across the area. Startups and traditional businesses like financial services all require office space. The needs of each business are unique and complex. It requires the help of a skilled broker like Miami Real Estate Trends.

    Retail Space

    Miami is known for its sea of retail stores, shopping malls and shops which are both luxurious and bargain basement in nature. The hordes of travelers who come to Miami to enjoy the relatively low cost of retail goods is only matched by the commercial needs of the retailers themselves who jockey year after year for the ultimate space on the high street to appease their clientele.

    Below you will find a real-time database filters for Miami Commercial Real Estate. Miami Real Estate Trends provides data on all public and some private commercial listings.

    Leisure Properties

    These include hotels, public houses, restaurants, cafes and sports facilities. Miami, due to its incredible year-round temperate climate is a hotbed of commercial real estate activity for any and all active sports and travel opportunities. The property needs of business owners continue to grow and the real estate advisors who keep on top of trends in the market add value to their client’s bottom line.

    We offer up to detailed property listings whether you are in the market for long term or short term commercial acquisitions. The listings can be filtered based on multiple factors. If you want a newer property, you can sort by year built. If you have specific commercial needs, you can select those. Of course, price is an option as is the size of the unit. Use the sliders until you hone in on the ideal property for your business.