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    Luxury Floor Plans: Your Guide

    miami condo floor plans

    One of the most overlooked components in buying or renting the perfect luxury condo is the floor plan.

    Miami Real Estate Trends looks at the best designs and layouts of some of the most outstanding properties in Miami. Take a look and see which floor plan suits your lifestyle with this comprehensive guide.

    Best Sunny Isles Layouts

    Regalia Floor Plans

    regalia floor plan

    This ultra-luxury real estate condo complex contains 39 condos, all of which are right next to the ocean and with a beautiful view. Only one spacious residence sits on each floor, with four to eight bedrooms in each unit and 2100 square feet, so you’ll never run out of space. Sunbathe on the terraces or make use of the full-sized gourmet kitchen regardless of whether your condo faces the street or the sea. Thanks to the 360 views throughout, you’ll have a perfect view from every corner of your condo.

    Porsche Design Tower Floor Plans

    Porsche Design Tower may seem like any other luxury condo, but with 132 residences on 57 stories and even a robotic car park, it’s nothing like you would expect. You’ll receive exclusive access to over 200 feet of beachfront, along with a sunset deck overlooking the ocean nearby. Even in your own condo, the floor to ceiling windows allows you to see the sea from any of the 3-5 bedrooms in each condo. Clocking in at 3,400 to 5,900 square feet depending on the number of bathrooms, these condos are made for space and comfort. Each unit’s design resembles a hand fan, broad and round at the top and then tapering down.

    Armani Casa Floor Plans

    Armani Casa is set right along the Atlantic Ocean on a barrier island. It’s close to the city at the same time, with many prized destinations just right down the street. Residences have around 5,000 square feet, with a terrace that’s 1,300 square feet all by itself. Choose from six styles of living for one that will suit you best, bathrooms, and bedrooms that you need. Each unit is designed like a long rectangle, housing your very own 10-foot deep balcony with 10 feet tall ceilings.

    Trump Towers Floor Plans

    There are 271 units in all in this 45 story tower, spanning 2,928 square feet at the most. Pick out a place with 2 or 3 bedrooms fulfill your needs or even studio units that often aren’t available in luxury condos. Many bedrooms face the sea, so you won’t have to go far to see nature’s beauty. Featuring different configurations, some units are designed in a more circular layout while others are a variety of squarish or rectangular shapes.

    Best Bal Harbour Layouts

    Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour Floor Plans

    ritz carlton bal harbour floor plans

    For condos with 1-5 bedrooms from 2,000 to 8,000 square feet, look no further than the Ritz Carlton. 180 units are housed on 26 floors, all of which give you a beautiful view of the ocean right outside. You have even more space thanks to the 10ft high ceilings and glass railings out on the balconies, allowing you to see perfectly out to the sea below. With its convenient location and the streets nearby, you’ll be close to anywhere you want to go. Each room is very geometric, sporting a square shape with a slight angle to give you even more space. Rooms are so large that every room will feel like a master.

    Oceana Bal Harbour

    These condos have been specifically planned so that you can enjoy an oceanfront view no matter where you are in your condo. It was completed in 2016, and is still completely modern, with 28 floors and 240 units. The underground parking area and assured parking spots mean there’s always a spot for your car, while the 1-5 bedrooms and 1,323-4200 square feet mean there’s always a space for you too. With the spacious balconies and floor to ceiling glass windows, it’ll be like being on the beach every day. Many rooms are shaped rectangularly to give you the most of your space, with wrap around terraces, of course, to provide you with the best view of the beach.

    Best Surfside Layouts

    Fendi Chateau Floor Plans

    With 300 feet of unspoiled beachfront right outdoors, it’s hard to pass up the Fendi Chateau. There are 58 exclusive residences. All of which are located among famous shopping districts and other beachfront properties. Only the best appliances and features are included within the 3-5 bedroom units, along with large terraces that allow you to see the ocean and the city right outside. Most condos are shaped rectangularly, with angled terraces and large square rooms so you can make the most out of your space. Even laundry areas and staff quarters are included in this modern yet comfortable complex, along with kid areas for any little ones.

    Surf Club Four Seasons Floor Plans

    These large 918 square foot condos may not be as close to the beach as some comparable options.  But with their old-style charm, they’re just as beautiful as you would expect. 140 units are housed on 14 floors, containing studios, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms to best match exactly what you’re looking for. The high ceilings and prime location are sure to put you right where you want to be. It helps too that many rooms are long and rectangular to give you lots of space, but some of the studios and 1 bedrooms have a fan-like shape, providing you with a luxurious area that still feels like home.

    Canyon Ranch Floor Plans

    The condos at Canyon Ranch are unlike any others. With the entire building housing 151 modern residential rooms and suites that provide you with the best sunset and sunrise views you can get. Located right at Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, there’s quick access to multiple areas outdoors. If you don’t feel like leaving, however, make use of the 760-2400 square feet, 1-3 bedrooms, marble flooring, and 70,000 square feet roof top spa just above you to get the most out of your relaxation. Depending on which tower you’re housed in, you may face North or South, but regardless, the square-shaped rooms maximize your living space.

    Best Miami Beach Best Layouts

    Ritz Carlton Miami Beach Floor Plans

    Along Miami Beach, you’ll find the Ritz Carlton, a luxury development made with 111 condo residences located in one of the most desirable neighborhoods you can hope for. It’s still being built, but with such a prime location and spectacular panoramic views, people are clamoring for a place. Choose a place with 1-5 bedrooms in any of the 11 stories and you’ll get 2,350-3,800 square feet to spend your days in. Take a look at the ocean right outside too for a beautiful view every day. All rooms have a similar shape as well, generally appearing rectangular with some angles on the terraces to provide you with the best view.

    Faena House Edition Floor Plans

    faena house floor plans

    Faena House is only 19 stories high but has a total of 68 units with 1-5 bedrooms each. This ensures you’ll have all the space you need.  Each condo is shaped like a fan, with a smaller area facing the bay and a larger one looking out directly over the beach. FH is L\located with one side facing the beach and the other side facing the streets. You’ll be able to take a look at the beauty of the city and the ocean on either side thanks to the wrap around terraces. You’ll have more than enough room with the 1,185-8,273 square feet at your disposal and a heated swimming pool overlooking the entire Atlantic Ocean.

    1 Hotel and Home Floor Plans

    Not every room looks directly out onto the ocean. But to see the beauty of the sea, all you have to do is take a dip in the spacious pool. This 16 story condo complex is one of the top properties to view both the ocean and downtown Miami, overlooking the city from one side and the sea on the other. Just a few steps away are tons of wonderful locations. It’s easy to get away from the 161 unit complex for the day. More than 600 feet of ocean is at your disposal. With 2,500 maximum square feet in each squared-shaped condo too. If you want to look directly at the ocean, however, pick out their larger rectangular units that look directly at the sea.

    Best Downtown Miami Layouts

    Paramount Miami Worldcenter Floor Plans

    Paramount Miami may be farther from the water, but it’s right in Downtown Miami for a wonderful experience in the city. Housing 346 residences, this building is surrounded by elegant areas and close to the Biscayne Bay too. With a variety of floor plans from 1-4 bedrooms, you’ll have tons of square footage. Some residences come in at 4,437. There are variable floor plans ranging from squares to larger fan shapes. This allows you to live in the most comfort possible. Especially with the spacious rooms available in each one. Even families love this building thanks to the children and teen areas right inside. The pet-friendly apartments meant to give your family the most amount of comfort possible.


    Ten Museum Park Floor Plans

    This 50 story building is situated right along Biscayne Blvd, with units ranging from 886 to 4,327 square feet. For pet lovers, this is more than enough space for a whole family and your pets too. With 200 units right in the heart of Miami, you can go to the city or take a short walk to the beach whenever you’d like to get some sun. There’s even 20,000 square feet of office space for any owners who need a little quiet time with work. The rooms themselves are set up in a square-shape, with each floor containing eight rooms set up in a circular pattern. No matter which room you’re in though, you’ll be in an optimal area to view the beauty of the city around you.


    1000 Museum Floor Plans

    1000 museum floor plans

    Pick out either a full floor or a half floor unit in 1000 Museum, or even a townhouse for more space. There are as many as 83 units with enough space to give you the luxurious feeling you’re looking for. A half floor unit ranges from 4,500 to 4,800 square feet, while a full floor unit is as large as 10,000 square feet. Spacious balconies and a private indoor pool will provide you with a full view of the city and a feeling like the ocean no matter where you are. It’s helpful as well that each unit is shaped a little like a hexagon. This provides you with lots of space to view the city. Especially with a full-floor unit, you’ll have unobstructed views no matter where you are in your space.


    Vizcayne Floor Plans

    Vizcayne Condos North Tower is one of the highlights of Downtown Miami. Located in a prime place within the city. Everything is within a short walking distance, but if you’d like to stay inside, there are only 5-10 other units on a floor and more than enough space in each one. With studios at 500 square feet and 3 bedrooms at 3,000, there’s something for everyone no matter what size will fit you best. Each room sports a square-like shape within the North Tower, with only one side leaving out a view of the ocean in the distance. Even with the ocean a little farther away, the 4 heated pools will make you feel right at home.


    Aston Martin Residences Floor Plans

    There’s a beautiful seaside view next to Aston Martin Residences. With multiple available penthouses and condos for you to make your home in. The panoramic views ensure you can see the city on one side and the sea on the other. With amenities like a yacht marina behind the building and a helipad on the roof. Whether you’re looking for a private penthouse or a place a little lower. Aston Martin is perfect for luxury views, multiple bedrooms, and more than enough square footage to live comfortably.

    The floor plans vary considerably, with floors shaped like a thumbprint, for lots of smooth angles, while the residences are shaped either geometrically or with a smoothed edge, allowing you to walk in a half circle along your terrace to enjoy the view outside. That being said, not every room has the same wrap around the terrace or faces the ocean, but with the views, you’ll wonder why you didn’t move earlier.

    Best Brickell Layouts

    Icon Brickell Floor Plans

    Icon Brickell gives you a beachfront view with a residential lifestyle right in the heart of the city. The Bayfront properties will amaze you with their stunning architecture and beautiful interior design inside. With 1000 ft of unspoiled beach right outdoors. Offers for studios to 3 bedrooms have come pouring in thanks to the location and square feet. With as much as 2,000 in just one condo and multiple floor plans for you to choose from. The square shaped optimize your room space. While the tilted rectangular shape of the whole floor maximizes your views outside. You may not even want to go outside with all the smart technology and designer features right inside.

    Brickell City Centre Floor Plans

    The picturesque palm trees and beautiful pool outside make this complex relaxing and luxurious. With as many as 383 residences over 43 stories, there are as much as 2,000 square feet in each unit. Depending on whether you’d like a one, two, or three bedrooms. There are tons of great areas right around it in Miami, with a city view on each side. Make use of the terraces when you want to see the city, with glass and aluminum railings that can be accessed from anywhere in the square or rectangular-shaped apartment.


    SLS Lux Floor Plans

    SLS Lux certainly sports the luxurious feel you’re searching for as it sits in high fashion, fine dining, and chic entertainment areas. It may still be under construction, but each unit has a balcony that stretches around the side of each unit so you can have the most optimal view possible, giving the units a curved shape in most cases, and allowing you to walk around outside without even leaving your unit! With either 2-3 bedrooms, you’ll receive around 1,600 square feet of space for enough room to stay inside when you just want a day of luxury in the heart of Brickell.


    Brickell House Floor Plans

    The beautiful palm trees, 46 floors, and units that are studios or with up to 3 bedrooms. These are not only elegant but centrally located right within the Brickell House. Floor to ceiling doors and private balconies are meant to add even more space to spaces with around 6,900 square feet already while giving you a view of the city around you and the pool below. The open and modern concept is sure to draw you in. But when you do want to leave, you’re right next to the best entertainment available. Each floor sports a diamond shape, containing nine rooms along the edges, all of which provide you with a beautiful view of either side of the city. Rooms have a unique shape to them if they’re on the edge, but otherwise, each appears rectangular for the smoothest views.


    Santa Maria Floor Plans

    Santa Maria Brickell certainly boasts a beautiful beachfront, with condos that are both classic and modern all at once. With several boat slips available. You can go out on the water at any time. There are only 6 units on each floor at the most and as little as 1 or 2 on the higher floors. There’s as much as 6,300 square feet to move around in and 5 bedrooms. you can have something large, or maybe something just a little smaller with a one bedroom place. Floor plans are unique as well, with circular units off to the side, each encompassing a huge amount of space with a wrap-around terrace. The inside units are either a large square of rectangles, but since they stretch to both side of the building, provide you with a complete panoramic view of the ocean.

    Best Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Layouts

    Auberge Ft. Lauderdale Floor Plans

    The Auberge is located right next to the ocean.Now a prime destination for yachting and boat shows. Since it’s right in Ft. Lauderdale, this beautiful building is close to fine dining and entertainment areas. With 450 feet of beachfront right outside. Any of the contemporary floor plans are perfect for a breathtaking view of the city or of the sea, with unobstructed views from most of the available residences. The long stretch of each unit on the end is perfect for the most beautiful views of the ocean, but the smaller square-shaped units also allow you a view of the city and the beachfront to the opposite sides. Oversized terraces with continuous glass railings will make you never want to leave home.


    Paramount Ft. Lauderdale Floor Plans

    With as many as four bedrooms available to you and a wrap-around terrace for beautiful views, you’ll wonder why you haven’t lived at the Paramount before. There are 95 residences right inside the building. Paramount is located along a wonderful private stretch of beachfront so you can get the best experience possible. High style dining options are nearby too. But don’t be frightened to make use of that luxury kitchen either. As you cook enjoy the beautiful city and sky around you. Floors are shaped at an angle. There are smoothly edged rooms at the end that directly face the ocean. The other rooms have the same angled shape, optimizing your living area and view around the ocean.


    Trump Hollywood Floor Plans

    Trump Hollywood is right next to the beach so you’ll get to look out over the ocean from either a studio or an apartment with as many as 7 bedrooms right inside. Thanks to the huge living area stretching out to 8,900 square feet, you’ll have more than enough room for multiple people at once. There are only six residences on one floor or as little as four on the higher floors. Many floors are shaped at an angle, sporting terraces that wrap around the outer units for the best view possible. With the soft-shaped windows overlooking the beach from almost any unit, you’ll receive more space, even if you choose some of the smaller units that are only 2,000 square feet on the lower floors.


    Apogee Beach Floor Plans

    You’re right next to the beach at Apogee Beach. With a luxury feel on each one of those 23 floors and in any of the 49 residential units. Pick out a unit ranging from 1,700 to 5,000 square feet. With as little as 2 bedrooms and as many as 5. This surely gives you as much space as you’re looking for. Since the floor is shaped somewhat rectangularly, with three units on each one, you know you’ll have tons of space. For a square-shaped unit, the one in the center with direct views of the ocean is best. But for an L-shape with a little more room, either of the side units will do just fine. The city will sit right behind you while the ocean views are in the front, so no matter where you are, you’ll feel as luxurious as you should.