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    South of Fifth Condos

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    With Miami quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations in the world, you’d think that everything about the city would be an open book. However, it seems that even the most famous of cities can keep its secrets well hidden. One of these secrets is South of Fifth Florida.

    SOFI, as it is often called, is an exclusive neighborhood that has some of the best properties in South Beach. Not only that, but it also has a fascinating story.

    SOFI may be exclusive today, but there was a time in the history of the city where that neighborhood was the center point for criminal organizations. Fortunately, Miami is way beyond that darker part of its history today. The city has even been able to turn things around and convert a once notorious neighborhood into one of the most affluent communities in the area.

    South of Fifth in Miami Fl

    Are SOFI Condos Good Investments?

    One of the reasons that local residents claim that SOFI is a well-kept secret is not because it is hidden. Rather, it is well protected from wandering tourists.

    With this in mind, rental properties in SOFI would be great for people searching for a high-end relaxing atmosphere. On top of that, it is a stone’s throw away from the hottest destinations in the city.

    Neighborhood of Luxury

    You’ll need to remember that SOFI is a testament of Miami’s definition of luxury. Here, everything is on another level. From single homes to one-bedroom condos, you’ll get the feeling of how luxurious Miami can be.

    So, would SOFI condos turn out to be good investments? SOFI attracts a different kind of clientele than your regular visitors, but that’s only because it has something special to offer.

    Nevertheless, single family home statistics in Miami Beach indicate that condos there are in demand. So, as an investment, it would be safe to say that there’s a good chance that SOFI condos will bring in an excellent ROI.

    Simply SOFI

    When you get the opportunity to tour SOFI in search for the best condos to invest in, make sure you keep an eye on details. The neighborhood is known for being one of the most luxurious around. So take in as much as you can and mentally compare it to other luxury condos in Miami or in surrounding cities.

    However, don’t just compare the condo building, facilities, etc. You must also take into account the surroundings and the atmosphere. SOFI has direct access to South Beach, making the neighborhood more appealing. Moreoever, being one of the top communities in Miami SOFI has many of the best restaurants, such as Joe’s Stone Crabs, Prime 112, and Smith & Wollensky.

    South of Fifth Florida

    While a relaxing day at the beach is only an arms length away from some of the best condos in the SOFI, the community offers other forms of leisure activities,. One of these include the South Pointe Park, which also has access to the beach. The park is a must-see destination for travelers for its postcard perfect scenery, long winding trails, and beautiful sunsets. Not many city parks in the world come close to what South Pointe has to offer.

    Once you’ve spent some time over there and gotten used to your surroundings, you’ll also realize that everything you see is simply SOFI.


    One of the best things about the South of Fifth is that you’ll never want to leave. It’s a destination so perfect that anywhere else would find it difficult to compare. If you find this to be true for yourself, imagine how your future renters would feel.