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    Market Expert Sells Another Brickell Property


    When it comes to selling your property, as a seller, you want two things. A quick sale and the best price possible. The top end of the market requires a little more finesse and expertise. When it comes to choosing an agent you need a local property expert.

    Dan Maza, our owner, and local property expert specializes in finding the perfect property for each individual buyer, so whatever your requirements he is certain to find your perfect piece of real estate.  Whether it is a luxury condo or a foreclosure property in the depths of a financial crisis, we have been in the situation and know what the signposts are to get the deal signed.

    Your Local High-End Miami Property Expert 

    Here at Miami Real Estate Trends we specialize in the higher end of the market. Over the years we have developed an expertise and knowledge about where and how to sell your luxury homes. We specialize in high quality, exclusive properties. This has enabled us to build up a network of highly motivated smart and intelligent investors. We are constantly contacted by investors looking for opportunities and the majority of our enquiries come from word of mouth recommendations.

    Our highly exclusive clientele will not spend time visiting numerous agents searching for the right properties. They identify an expert of seafront condos. They are not going to be visiting every agent and looking in the shop window for their ideal property. Time is money and a good agent will save you both!

    An excellent example of the processes and techniques can be summed up in a recent property transaction that we completed. We were approached to sell a stunning property located at:

    1643 Brickell Ave # 2203, Miami, FL 33129


    santa maria balcony view

    Balcony view from a recent Santa Maria Brickell condo sale.

    Having previously sold a number of similar properties, we sat down and worked out our strategy moving forward. There are only a certain number of people in a financial position to purchase a property of this value. We identified where these individuals were most likely to spend their time both online and in the real world.

    We then ensured that all of our advertising was targeted with laser-focused precision at those type of locations. Within a few days, we had a number of expressions of interest including the eventual buyer a Mr. Marc Spindel. Mr Spindel an astute businessman is an affluent tech investor always in the market for an excellent opportunity

    We arranged a property viewing and the property sale was completed quickly and with the minimum of hassle.

    The key to the selling process is to identify and bring together the ideal buyer with the perfect property. This is a skill that our owner Mr. Maza has clearly mastered. He has personally amassed sales over $300 million dollars of property sales in the last fifteen years.

    If you want to sell your luxury property, and need sales rather than promises, get in contact with Dan Maza today. We are constantly looking for new properties mainly in part to the high volume of sales that we achieve. This type of property requires specialist knowledge and expertise along with the right contacts all of which we possess.

    Dan will personally visit your property and discuss the valuations and start the process. The only thing to remember is that you need to be prepared to sell your property quickly. Once our company is instructed to sell a property, we aggressively follow our proven strategies. That is why we are so successful. Whenever it comes to choosing your agent in Miami, there is really no choice to make. Give our friendly and knowledgeable customer services team a call today.