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    Looking to Invest in Celebrity Condos in Miami

    celebrities can been seen deckside at the W

    The statement, “‘Famous celebrity’ used to live here.” Is certainly a worthy reason to pick up a hot condo in the Miami market.

    Instead of asking about celebrity condos in Miami, you’ll want to ask, how many celebrities don’t own condo’s in Miami? The list of celebrities is long, which means that if you live in Miami, Florida, you’re living among the stars.

    Miami Celebrity Condo Market

    If you’re looking for a great investment, why not own the home of a famous celebrity? The most likely place you’ll find a celebrity condo on the market is in Miami.

    Celebrity Condos in Miami Florida

    Celebrity Condos in Miami Beach

    Miami Florida is famous for a lot of things, one of them is being a land of celebrities. The stars that live here own at least one home. A good number of them own two or even more.

    The nice part about it is that celebrity houses are advertised. You’ll see pictures of them in magazines, websites, blogs, newspapers, and practically anywhere. Celebrities like condo seller Trey Songz, have used their notoriety to leverage the sales potential of their Brickell Key condo to great effect. Especially when celebrities install luxuries such as heated floors and home theaters. The property won’t last when its value can exceed the actual property. Celebrity fame and infamy ebb and flow just like the prices of Miami condos themselves.

    Condos, on the other hand, are a bit more inconspicuous. Many of the Celebrity Condos in Miami aren’t for public consumption, although some of them are. Nevertheless, if you’re living in the same building with a celebrity, you’ll know.

    There’s a good chance you’ll share this particular information with your friends and they’ll do the same with theirs. In short, anywhere a celebrity resides, whether intentionally hidden from public scrutiny or not, will be known through word of mouth.

    Go on a Tour of Celebrity Condos in Miami Beach

    If you’re really interested in seeing the homes of your future neighbors, go on a celebrity homes tour. A number of tour companies in Miami take visitors on boat tours that go past some of the most famous celebrity condos in Miami.

    Going on a tour is great and a fun way to spend an afternoon. However, if you’re really looking for adventure, just find a map that features all the homes of celebrities in the city.

    You won’t have a guide other than the map. However, trying to find out which homes belong to whom can be an exciting adventure.

    The Best Celebrity Condos in Miami

    Look for Celebrities That Lived in Miami During 2016

    The key to investing in a celebrity condo and realizing a handsome ROI is to find condos of celebrities that recently went on the market. The benefits are the resale value but it could also be a nice point of conversation for the right buyer. Perhaps this is what would complete your collection of wealthy centerpieces in life?

    The more popular the celebrity and the more recent they owned the condo, the faster you’d be able to find renters willing to pay ridiculous amounts as rent.

    However, keep in mind that when celebrity condos hit the real estate market, they’re grabbed up so fast that they don’t stay listed for sale for very long. That is if they ever make it on any listing. Most of the time, you’ll need connections in the Miami real estate industry to find celebrity condos that will be going on the market soon.


    If you’re looking to invest in a condo, investing in one owned by a celebrity would be an excellent option. You’ll likely need to invest over the standard real estate market rate. You’ll definitely receive an excellent ROI, thus recovering your investment in a few years, maybe even less.