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    Keystone Islands Condos

    Keystone islands Condos are located in Florida. The islands are located in the upper northeast side of Miami and south of the Eastern Shores. A coastal neighbourhood that has properties catering both to people who wish to earn waterfront property and those who do not. It is an area with a relatively small population yet a high median income, with a little more than half of the population in Keystone Islands being of the male gender. Two-thirds of the population in the area have white collar jobs. Apartments for rent are available year round in Keystone Islands. Some of the most affordable yet comfortable rental condos are in the area.

    Small Population Big Ambitions

    It is an area with a relatively small population yet a high median income, with a little more than half of the population in Keystone Islands being of the male gender. Two-thirds of the population in Keystone islands have white collar jobs with the remaining employed in the blue collar workforce.

    The best luxury condos in the area

    The population in Keystone Islands is almost identically divided into families and single persons residing in the area. The median income, however, is moderately adequate. This is considering the population and comparing it with the other parts of Miami and beyond. The Keystone Islands luxury real estate is a modest market as it is a traditional local community. The sales trends here are a percentage greater than that of counties compared to the rest of the country. This is one of the reasons why you’ll find the best luxury condos in Keystone Islands. It is fact that some of the most expensive and largest houses in the area are located in Keystone Islands.

    Want to know more about neighborhood apartments for rent?

    The best thing about Keystone islands is that it is primarily a coastal neighbourhood so you get the view with your rental condos if you wish to own or rent waterfront property. The residential buildings in the area mostly predate the 1950s however a small but significant percent of the houses were constructed in the pre-millennium era as well. You will find great luxury real estate property in Keystone Islands with classic architecture and a great view.

    Education Opportunities

    Keystone Islands come under the Miami-Dade County public school system and provide high-quality education for residents. There are not only great restaurants here, it is also just north of downtown Miami. You are well connected to the city yet you can live in a safe and isolated neighbourhood that has every luxury. It is minutes away from Miami Beach where you can go with your family on sunny weekends. You can also pay a visit to the Aventura Mall or the numerous restaurants, shops and cafes located in Biscayne Boulevard.

    For recreation, residents prefer to visit the beach on a sunny weekend or go for hiking and camping amid lakes and springs in the county. There are several state trails that serve that kind of purpose. Some people also like to go fishing in the lake.

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