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    Existing listings

    Marina Village

    , 40101 Fisher Island Drive, Miami Beach, FL, 33109

    • Price Range
    • Bedrooms
    • Year Built1990
    • Number of units108
    • Stories3
    • SF Range
    • Average Price / Sq.Ft
    • Average Days on Market -

    Marina Village Logo

    Marina Village

    Located south of Miami, Marina Village is included in Fisher Island’s in-demand condominiums. Marina has 40101-40311 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island, Florida, 33109 as its wonderful spot. It is surrounded by or is fairly near restaurants and malls such as Fisher Island Town Center. In addition, beaches and other well-known tourist destinations in South Florida.

    Marina Villages hosts a spectacular Bayfront view. Such is possible given its ground centered architecture as a 3-floor building. However, these floors speak less of Marina’s residence capacity at 108 total residences. Marina Villages is an investment opportunity that families or independent professionals should think about. Having its average selling price on the middle end of Fisher Island, Marina Village is hot to many investors’ eyes.

    Condominium units in Marina Villages have a wide variety. When it comes to residence sizes, it varies from 690-8680 sq.ft. There is a huge difference in the area because the units may be composed of 1-6 bedrooms. Though there is a significant variation with the units’ spaces, Marina Villages assures the owner that it’s worth their money. In line with this, Marina Villages showcases varying floor plans for such variations. Marina is one of the condominiums which is considerate to owners who prefer to bring their vehicles. Thus, Marina has reserved parking slots for them.

    Marina Village has more to offer. Aside from the classic pool on condominiums, Marina standouts with its golf course and tennis courts. It is hard not to mention their exclusive beach club and yacht club. Residents need not worry about going out of their marble or wooden floored units to enjoy these amenities. This is because Marina Village has quality 24/7 security. To add to their wonderful units are its fancy countertops made of granite featuring its stainless steel appliances. Marina assures these appliances may be safely stored in wooden cabinets.

    Marina Village Units For Sale

    Marina has been up since 1990. Yet it has managed to cope up with modernity while embracing its signature classy Mediterranean atmosphere. Marina Village is a great find, a good investment given its many amenities. 108 residences in total but inventory is scarce, it’s best to stay close to Miami Real Estate Trends for the latest pricing info. Thus, contact Marina Village now, as there is no time to waste. Marina Villages offers everything but regret.

    Marina Village Amenities

    • Pool
    • Security
    • Tennis court
    • Golf course
    • Fresh produce from a near market place
    • Beach club
    • Yacht club

    Marina Village Unit Features

    • Marble or Wood Floored units
    • Cabinets made out of strong wood
    • 1-6 bedrooms per unit
    • Fancy countertop made of granite
    • Sturdy Appliances which are stainless steel
    • 690-8680 sq.ft. unit area


    Questions about this property? Call +1-305-433-2818.


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