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    Who are Buyers of Miami Real Estate?

    These days Miami Real Estate trends are heading on the upwards trajectory due to the City of Miami’s desire to stimulate the economy with massive infrastructure improvements. These include a flood prevention project worth 100 million dollars. That from the already 400 million invested into the infrastructure means Miami Real Estate Buyers seeking a dream condo in Miami are flocking to Miami Beach for some of the most beautiful and still affordable condos on earth.

    So exactly who are the Miami Real Estate Buyers these days? They can be classified into several categories.

    Investment Seeking Miami Real Estate Buyers

    Although prices are going higher and higher, the alternative investments which ensure that your capital will remain liquid are rarer and rarer these days. Miami Real Estate is one of the few investments which return a respectable yield decade after decade. This alone makes buying luxury condos in Miami a no-brainer for the highly liquid luxury buyer.

    White Collar Professional Buyers

    The economy in Miami for high-tech, engineering, trades and education has never been stronger. With the influx of new residents from around the globe, demand for luxury condos for those who work hard and are compensated for their productive contributions, Miami Real estate buyers are made up of a larger and larger percentage of families who seek the perfect weather and cost of living.

    EB-5 Investor Visa Investors Seeking Residency

    The requirements for establishing US residency via real estate investment under the  EB-5 investor visa are some of the most attractive terms in the world. With only an investment of 500,000 USD and a small business which employs 10 local staff, your residency can be assured in the great environment of South Florida.

    Overseas Cash-Rich Luxury Condo Buyers

    These are mainly from 1 of 3 locations around the world. 1)Latin American buyers who feel a natural affinity to Miami’s rich latino culture and vibrant local communities. 2)Former Soviet-block Russian speakers seeking a stable return on their vacation properties. Miami is a place to raise their upper-class families. The climate is much healthier than the frigid temperatures of their hometowns. 3)Asian investors who are not particularly fond of the warm weather but see the appeal of investing in a stable infrastructure such as Miami Beach.

    If you are seeking to buy luxury real estate in Miami, don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out the form on-page. We provide a careful and thorough free consultation which will lead you in the right direction.