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    Nauhaus South Beach Condo

    , 825 Michigan Av, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    This Project is currently in PRE-CONSTRUCTION
    • Price Range
    • Bedrooms1-3
    • Year Built2016
    • Number of units7
    • Stories5
    • SF Range
    • Average Price / Sq.Ft
    • Average Days on Market

    NauHaus South Beach Condo

    Renovated in 2015, NauHaus South Beach Condo is a small residential community in itself. Before it was built to be a five-storey condo and townhouse compound, it was once a multi-family home.

    In 1937, NauHaus South Beach was a simple family home. The average selling price recently was in the median range for Miami Beach. However recently units have been reportedly selling towards the upper end for properties in Miami Beach. At that time it only had five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Remnants of being a family home remained until it was renovated in 2015. Today, it has a total of seven units including two townhouses. The residences are fully furnished when you buy it. It has three different floor plans, but all have patios and balconies. On the other hand, the townhouses have a whole roof deck with a lounge area overlooking Michigan Avenue.

    NauHaus South Beach is made up of two adjacent buildings. The building facing Michigan Avenue was originally designed by Henry Hohauser. Henry Hohauser is a famous architect because of his contributions to the Art Deco architecture. He was named as one of the 100 most influential people by The Miami Herald. This is because his works ever since before focused on cost-effective structures catered to the middle class. His works are not exactly luxury residences, but he designs them as if they are. He has designed over 300 homes, restaurants, buildings, and shops.

    When NauHaus was reconstructed, Tony Leon took over to design the building facing Michigan Lane. It now has a residence occupying the whole ground floor and two townhouses with roof deck terraces. The residential units all have built-in stainless steel appliances and state-of-the-art furniture. Units have a dining room adjacent to the living room, and a separate family room. Units either have two to three bedroom floor plans. Moreover, NauHaus South Beach has four covered parking slots.

    NauHaus Condo Unit Investment Opportunity

    Because NauHaus is in South Beach, it is easily seen as an investment opportunity. This is simply because South Beach is famous for having world-class restaurants, clubs, and shopping centers. Only a few minutes away you will be at the heart of South Beach surrounded by lavish retail stores.   Stores like Gucci, Guess, Armani Exchange, Prada are only a few of these. There are also clubs you can go to at night. These clubs are what South Beach is mainly famous for. If you want to treat your friends or unwind, there are many places to choose from. However, if you prefer the quiet atmosphere, NauHaus is not as far from the beach as well. Just at the opposite side of the island, the shore of the Atlantic Ocean awaits you. You can just walk around and witness the sweeping colors of the horizon meeting the waters.


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