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    Allison Island - Neighborhood details, listings & statistics
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    Allison Island

    Nestled nicely between La Gorce Island and the city of Miami Beach, Allison Island is a small neighborhood in Miami. Although the island may be described as relatively inconspicuous, the exquisitely designed condo community on this piece of land is definitely one of the most admired and revered communities in Miami Beach city.

    Apart from a contemporary and extremely attractive art deco color scheme and design homes, this community has spas, fitness centers, heated pools and plenty of nature comprising citrus and mango groves. The community is known for its art installations and jogging paths. The condos in this area feature stylish and trendy kitchens, towering ceilings, unique wraparound balconies and stunning views from nearly all directions.

    New homes in Alison Island Arial View

    Isn’t Art deco nice from the sky?

    The neighborhood is in close proximity to most hotspots in Miami Beach. If you intend to stay indoors, your condo will provide great waterfront and city views. In contrast, if you venture outside, you will come across performance art, clubs, bars, and ethnic food restaurants. There is a lot to do in this tiny town.


    The real estate for sale here is mostly made up of single family homes. From small (2 to 3 bedrooms) to medium-sized (4 to 5 bedrooms) properties. There is only a handful (10 to 15 bedroom) of mansions available for sale in Allison Island.

    If you are planning to purchase or rent a condo in this area, we can help you pick out the perfect home. You can contact our realtors to browse a wide range of condos in Allison Island for both selling and renting.


    The average household income in Allison Island is $65,210. A majority of the population here is White. African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians make up the remaining population. More males than females reside in this city. The average price of Alison Island single family homes is $405,200, while the average cost of renting is $9,538. More white-collar works reside in the area than blue-collar workers.

    Restaurants and Shopping Malls

    Allison Island has numerous restaurants that offer both variety and uniqueness. The neighborhood has plenty of casual and fine dining venues that will leave you yearning for more. The island is famous for its seafood and ethnic food restaurants. There are also some fine restaurants that offer Chinese, Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. Some of the Allison Island restaurants nearby are Mixture Restaurant, Fifi’s Place, Red Lobster, El Chalan Restaurant, Roni’s By the Ocean, Burger Beach Club and Black Sheep.

    The town has a few remarkable shopping malls that offer top-notch clothing, apparel and other accessories. Some of the more popular malls include Dolphin Mall, Aventura Mall, Miracle Mile, Intracoastal Mall, Holt, The Falls and Design District.


    There are some good schools in Allison Island, some of which them are listed below:

    • Treasure Island Elementary School
    • Biscayne Elementary School
    • North Beach Elementary School
    • Fullford Christian School
    • Sinai Academy Early Childhood Center

    Home Age

    The construction work in Allison Island began after 1920s and the majority of residential properties were built after 1950s.

    Contact Us

    You can contact our realtor, Dan Maza on +1 (305)433-2818 for more information about Allison Island real estate.


    Questions about this property? Call +1-305-433-2818.