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    Bal Harbour Condos - Neighborhood details, listings & statistics
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    Bal Harbour Condos

    Bal Harbour condos are a Miami residential ultra-luxury enclave situated directly on the Atlantic coast in Miami Beach. Residents enjoy year-round heaven sent weather ideally suited for the avid sportsman. The neighborhood sports some of the most lavish condos in the area.

    A tiny residential population of less than 3000 allows inhabitants to enjoy the feeling of community not often experienced in the hustle and bustle of today’s modern and luxurious Miami scene.

    “The Most Pricey Real Estate in America”

    Bal Harbour condos are often noted for their declaration as one of the most expensive in the United States. Its residents take great pride in the fact that their investments not only garner them a great deal of envy from outsiders but a place where the most elite can take refuge in a like-minded community of the well to do.

    Residing in the community of Bal Harbour condos puts you alongside the CEO’s, trust fund families and some of the most creative and powerful families alive today. Properties are meticulously cared for and the amenities on offer are some of the most outstanding available in Miami.

    A Leading Luxury Real Estate Destination

    Many residents of Bal Harbour condos do not reside full-time in the tiny city (only .6 a mile in radius) within a city and can be seen flying in from cooler climates such as NYC, Paris and Buenos Aires. Residents are particularly diverse considering the heady prices required to purchase here. There are many noted industrialists, entertainers and local business heads who call Bal Harbour home.

    Take a stroll along the famed stretch of Collins and you’ll get a sense of Miami’s rich history from the Bal Harbour shops which only take up a tiny amount of precious Miami Real estate but have captured the world’s imagination when it comes to the most elite of shopping and dining on offer in Miami Beach today.

    Bal Harbour condos For Sale

    When Regent Bal Harbour opened in 2008, the area experienced a further renaissance of luxury not easily experienced in other parts of Miami. As the world has seen an influx of ultr-wealthy families seeking refuge in the stable economic and cultural climate of South Florida, Bal Harbour prices have surged. Stay connected with Miami Real Estate Trends to get the best opportunities for buying ultra limited condo properties in the area. Click on a specific building to discover up to the minute pricing, sales history and current units on offer. For more specific consultation, please contact us at: +1 (305)433-2818 

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    Oceana Bal Harbour | Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour

    St. Regis Bal Harbour North | St. Regis Bal Harbour South

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