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    Bay Harbor Islands - Neighborhood details, listings & statistics
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    Bay Harbor Islands

    Bay Harbor Islands is a small coastal enclave perfect for home-buyers looking for a small and quiet community. These apartments and condominiums for sale located in Miami are inhabited by the youthful professionals of the community. With a relatively small population, this neighborhood situated by the coast is the luxury home that residents are looking for.

    Foreign Buyers

    Bay Harbor Islands have one of the most diverse communities in the nation, with a significant amount of Caucasian, African-American, and Hispanic residents, all of which have white collar jobs due to the particularly expensive cost of living in this area. Almost half of the population are Hispanic or Latino origin and the Caucasian population consists of various European roots such as German, Irish, Italian, and English. English is common parlance in this neighborhood. But there are a lot of residents who speak Spanish and Portuguese.

    Because of the residents that have high-paying, white-collar jobs, the average income of a professional residing in this neighborhood is relatively higher than most of the country and is the highest in the state of Florida. But of course, not all of the people living in this area have professions that have a high income. However, for the most part, the expensive lifestyle that residents are used to having in this area reflect the significantly higher income of the majority of the residents.

    In correlation with the high-paying jobs that the residents have, the education is also par with nearby areas. With more than half of the population being college or advanced degree holders, the quality of education is definitely higher than most.

    Current Residents

    The level of occupation of the Bay Harbor Islands neighborhood varies. But for the most part, they have white-collar jobs such as managers. A big chunk of the population is in management positions, sales, and office jobs. Further, a high concentration of artists lives in this area with most of them being in media and design. These white-collar jobs are sufficient enough to pay for the luxurious lifestyles that the residents choose to live. Other jobs that some of the residents have are home-based jobs and self-owned businesses. Jobs in the telecommunication field are numerous, a high-paying home-based job.

    Because of the waterfront view of the entire neighborhood, this area is often a popular spot for tourists from all over the world. The excellent facilities provided by the local accommodation establishments are also available for residents as well. Despite the relatively small population, this neighborhood also has public transportation for the convenience of the residents.

    A Licensed Real Estate Broker

    This neighborhood has some of the best luxury condos in Bay Harbor Island. With Miami Real Estate, the licensed broker responsible for these rental condos in Bay Harbor Island guarantees potential residents that luxurious lifestyle that they have always dreamt of having. For any questions about these Bay Harbor Island apartments for rent, call +1 (305) 433-3818. They are more than willing to help assist customers interested in looking for rental condos in Bay Harbor Island.