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    Coconut Grove - Neighborhood details, listings & statistics
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    Coconut Grove

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    Nestled in the heart of Miami is a quaint and scenic area that treats every resident to stunning views of the sea. People enjoy their friendly neighbors, and interesting local stories passed down through history. The area is known as Coconut Grove. The unique <strong>Coconut Grove luxury condos</strong> lifestyle enjoyed here attracts a lot of individuals looking for the best apartments for rent or for sale.

    Luxurious Historical Coconut Grove

    Coconut Grove is one of the areas in the Miami that was first inhabited. The earliest residents came in 1973. They created a simple community, primarily supported by fishing, and their families lived a very laid-back life. This lifestyle defined the community, and residents have preserved this way of living up to this very day. As the times changed, touches of modernity found its way to Coconut Grove. Many still consider it a great tropical escape from the busy life of the big city.

    Today, the majority of residents that you find in the area are relatively wealthy. They are proud owners of Coconut Groove luxury condos. Most of the working individuals earn above average incomes and hold executive or managerial positions in their companies. Other residents work in sales and service jobs or are employed in the government.

    Coconut Grove Demographics

    In terms of ethnicity or ancestry, Coconut Grove is home to a very diverse group of people. A huge chunk of the population has Cuban roots. A smaller percentage of residents trace their origin from foreign countries, including France, South America, Ireland, and Russia.

    Most of the people living in the area are individuals who enjoy the upscale lifestyle. It is not surprising why a lot of modern condominium buildings have been popping up in the last few years. There are now several condos for sale in the area to choose from – including those found in simple residential buildings to sophisticated hotel-like condos. The best luxury condos in Coconut Grove boasts a unique set of amenities and stunning seascape views that residents can enjoy right in their homes.


    There are also single-family homes found in different areas in the neighborhood. Some of these homes may date back to the earliest settlers, but they are spacious, durable and would definitely be a great investment for anyone who wants a to have a very private space.

    Those who live here will never find themselves suffering from boredom. Several places of recreation that are simple yet elegant dot the neighborhood. Residents can simply walk or bike to a wide variety of restaurants, boutiques, movie theaters, and landscaped parks. They can also drive a very short distance to pristine beaches where they can spend a warm afternoon enjoying the fresh sea breeze.

    With all the amazing things that the neighborhood can offer, there really is no reason to look further for the perfect place to call home. Miami Real Estate Trends can assist with individuals or families who are looking for properties in Coconut Grove. As a trusted licensed broker, they have access to an extensive listing of houses, apartments, and rental condos in Coconut Grove. You can get in touch through +1 (305)433-2818.