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    Downtown Miami - Neighborhood details, listings & statistics
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    Downtown Miami

    A sandy beach under the summer heat is the perfect weather to live in downtown Miami. With downtown Miami condos, residents will be able to experience living in luxury and style. Choosing a neighborhood takes a lot of time. One would have to consider several factors before deciding to pick a place to live in. Factors such as neighborhood cleanliness, child-friendly streets, the infrastructure of nearby buildings, the average income of neighbors, and crime rate are important when considering purchasing rental condos in downtown Miami.

    A Downtown with Diversity

    Downtown Miami is known for its culturally diverse population, with a significant number of people with West Indian and Brazilian ancestry. There is already wide variety of cultures residing in the US. But Downtown Miami is particularly more diverse than most places. It is a good place for families to expose their children to different kinds of people to prepare them for the world.

    People are wired to find other people who have similar interests with them. It is in human nature to group with people with similar interests, backgrounds, and values. Downtown Miami has a relatively large number of divorcees in the area. This shows the friendliness of the neighborhood towards all kinds of families, including single parents.

    Downtown  Middle Income Apartments

    As for the average income of the residents, households here belong to the middle-income bracket. Despite their average income being proportionally lower than other neighborhoods in the United States of America, families are still thriving and child poverty is less of an issue in this area than the rest of the country. Their income comes from a variety of occupations that include executive positions all the way to manufacturing and labor.


    As for the education aspect, there is a number of schools that residents can enroll their children in. Some of the schools located in downtown Miami are as follows: Southside Elementary school, Downtown Miami Charter School, and Ada Meritt K-8 Center. Rest assured that quality education is implemented in the schools of downtown Miami with the K-12 program excellently executed in most of the schools.

    Residents can enjoy a variety of recreational activities. They can participate in sports such as golf and sailing for those who are interested in being active. For those who are looking for fun activities, the nightlife at the beaches nearby offers something special. The famous clubs alone will make anyone want to rent a home here. Other activities such as fine dining in multiple star restaurants and relaxing walks through natural parks are also accessible by the residents of this area.

    Downtown Miami condos are known for having some of the best opportunities for long and short stay here. With the emerging luxury lifestyle in the area, Miami real estate downtown can be considered a luxury for both convenience and for the buzzing atmosphere. Miami Real Estate Trends, a licensed broker of luxury rentals, sales, and after services, assures potential residents of the best luxury condos in downtown Miami. For any questions or concerns regarding these downtown Miami condos contact Miami Real Estate Trends at +1 (305) 433-2818.