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    Edgewater - Neighborhood details, listings & statistics
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    Edgewater Condos for Rent

    Edgewater Condos for Sale

    Condos and apartments located on Biscayne Blvd on the waterfront, have a relatively higher price than most of the neighborhoods in the state of Florida. That is because of the excellent facilities, good statistics and a luxury lifestyle that residents of this area experience.

    Edgewater, a reasonably priced waterfront neighborhood, is a neighborhood rich in culture. More than half of the population being able to speak a language other than English. This culturally diverse neighborhood welcomes all ethnicities, with South American and Cuban residents being the most numerous. Edgewater is not only welcoming to different kinds of people, it is also a place where children can grow up to be culturally aware, preparing them for the global market.

    Edgewater Condo Living On The Rise

    There are representatives in this neighborhood that fall under each income bracket. There is lower class, middle class and upper class, the average income that a resident here earns places the majority in the middle class. Furthermore, because of the level of income, most of the residents in this area are included in, Edgewater has one of the lowest percentages of childhood poverty in Florida. Compared to the rest of the country this is a great place to raise a family.

    One particular trend in the area is the type of occupation that residents have. There are a significant number of people that is employed by healthy food establishments. Other residents have executive, professional and management positions, as well as clerical and tech support positions, just to name a few. This shows how diverse the people who live in this area are, assuring potential residents that they will be able to find a job that best suits their skills and preferences.

    Developed After 1999

    As for the apartments and condominiums, most of the establishments are built after the year 1999. This makes Edgewater one of the newer luxury residential enclaves in Miami. This is evident in the infrastructure of the buildings in the area. Most of the residential condos have a more modern look. Because of this, Edgewater luxury real estate has some of the most modern establishments compared to the majority of the neighborhoods in the United States of America.

    Edgewater has some of the best waterfront condos in Miami. Our facilities are geared towards providing a luxury lifestyle to its residents. Miami Real Estate Trends is the licensed broker of luxury rentals, sales, and services that provide all of the listings, including apartments for rent and Edgewater condos for sale. They guarantee that these are some of the best properties in Miami. For any questions about Edgewater condos for sale, call them at +1 (305) 433-2818.