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    Hibiscus | Palm Islands - Neighborhood details, listings & statistics
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    Hibiscus | Palm Islands

    Hibiscus Palm Beach Condos for Sale

    Hibiscus Palm Beach, also recognized as West Palm Beach is a city in Florida in the Palm Beach County. This city can be counted as one of the three main cities of West Palm with a moderate population for the area. It has been increasing steadily as it’s a developing area with a lot to offer.

    This city is mostly home to families. A small percentage of the houses in the area are vacant, awaiting newcomers and hoping to welcome them into the folds of the residential area. There is a lot of potential for Hibiscus Palm Beach luxury real estate business. There are also plenty of rentals condos in Hibiscus Palm Beach people can look into.

    A great percentage of residents in Hibiscus Palm Beach speak English, while the rest are familiar with a range of languages. You’ll hear Spanish, French, German and Italian, etc. There are a variety of Hibiscus Palm Beach condos for sale for people looking for a diverse and happy neighbourhood. There are also Hibiscus Palm Beach condos for rent available, all of which Miami Real Estate Trends can facilitate.

    Hibiscus Palm Beach has a majority of modern homes with architecture stylings ranging back to little more than a decade ago. New homes dominate the area. These homes predating the change of the millennium forming a very small percentage.

    Hibiscus Palm Beach Luxury Real Estate

    There is a lot to do in Hibiscus Palm Beach. It is home to a lot of history and art culture including the Norton Museum of Art. There is also The Meyer Amphitheatre, The Palm Beach Country Convention Centre and the Harriet Himmel Theatre. You will also find the best luxury condos in Hibiscus Palm Beach near locations where festivals and shows such as SunFest and the Palm Beach International Film Festival are held.

    You can find amazing shopping areas in the city. These include: CityPlace, Cinematis Street, Antique Row and Northwood Village. The latter being a historical commercial district widely recognized. You can also find Northboro Park and Prospect Park in the neighbourhood where you can enjoy a nice weekend with your family or friends.

    Public education is under the supervision of the School District of Palm Beach Country, the 11th largest school district in the country. There is a list of schools in the area for each age including schools such as Everglades Elementary, the Roosevelt Middle School and Forest Hill Community High School. There is also a selection of private schools to choose from including the Palm Beach Day Academy.

    There are a number of famous buildings in the area including Trump Plaza. A large number of well-known people have known to reside here at some point including, Otis Anderson of the NFL, Hank Aaron famous baseball player and Bob Barker from The Price is Right.

    If you have any questions regarding the city, call Miami Real Estate Trends at +1 (305)433-2818