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    Key Biscayne - Neighborhood details, listings & statistics
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    Key Biscayne

    Key Biscayne is a small island town located in Florida. It has a very small population no greater than 15,000 people residing in the area. Though it is not a heavily populated town, it caters to people from all walks of life with high-class amenities and a safe living environment especially for those looking for Key Biscayne condos for rent or to purchase them.

    Rental Condos With Great Views

    key biscayne bay view from balcony looking seaview

    The island is located south of Miami Beach, which makes it a popular coastal neighborhood. If you’re looking for Key Biscayne condos for rent, you’re likely to find one with a great view of the ocean.

    The residential area has a border at the North by the name of Crandon Park. There are also other parks you can go to in order to enjoy a good weekend alone or with family on a nice sunny day including the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and the Miami-Dade County Park. The island has the Atlantic Ocean on its right border and the Biscayne Bay towards the West.

    Buyers Market

    One-third of the residents in Key Biscayne condos are vacant which will allow you to find the best luxury condos in Key Biscayne. One-third of the residential population consists of families with children, with the median income for every household being rather high. More than half the population speaks Spanish as a first language, whereas less than one-third of the population identified with English as a first language.

    Diverse Key Biscayne

    The diverse range of languages popular in Key Biscayne includes Portuguese, Italian, German and French. The Key Biscayne luxury real estate market is healthy and booming. Now is a wise time to look at Key Biscayne condos for sale. Key Biscayne is a neighborhood that has one of the highest percentages of Cuban residents in the United States of America. They make up almost 1/5th of the residential population. The island is also home to Colombian, Venezuelan, Brazilian and Peruvian residents.

    There are several hotel complexes in the area that cater to the residents looking to buy condos in Key Biscayne. Some of hotels include: The Towers of Key Biscayne, The Key Colony complex of four buildings, i.e., Tidemark Condo, Emerald Bay, Ocean Sound and Botanical, The Grand Bay, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Casa del Mar, which also happens to be the tallest building in the area with 27 floors, the Oceana and The Ocean Club.

    Education Opportunities

    Key Biscayne comes under the Miami-Dade County Public School department. The K-8 Centre is responsible for supervising public schools in the Key Biscayne area. There is the Ponce de Leon Middle School, the Key Biscayne School, the Coral Gables High School and the MAST Academy where you can enroll your children for high-quality education at any level. Key Biscayne also has the Miami-Dade Public Library System operating within the area.

    Several famous people have been known to reside in the area at one time or another. This includes writer Jaime Bayly, race car driver Raul Boesel, actor Andy Garcia, former US president Richard Nixon, actress and singer Cher and actor Brad Pitt.

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