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    Miami Beach - Neighborhood details, listings & statistics
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    Miami Beach

    Miami Beach is a popular coastal and resort city located in the famous Miami-Dade County. The city was incorporated in 1915. The municipality rests on both man-made and natural  barrier islands between the stunning Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the former separates Miami Beach from Miami.

    In this city, a mix of different travelers, cultures and residents mingle. A broad assortment of people – including amateur architecture critics, waifish models, sun-seeking families and distinguished seniors – fully enjoy the well-known and gorgeous shores of this American Riviera. You will easily find kid-friendly beaches and affordable hotels and restaurants in the city. Within a 10 miles distance are the museums, galleries, and theaters of the Greater Miami area.

    Miami Beach offers almost everything you have heard of, but you really need to see it in person. If you take just a brief Art Deco tour of the city, you will appreciate the signature architecture of the area. The famous district is a whimsical and fancy collection of over 800 architecturally safeguarded building complexes in Miami Beach that were built from the 1930s to 1940s. If you stay in one of the throwback hotels or boutiques here, you will find Miami Beach’s finest nightlife, dining, and spas.

    If you are planning to purchase or rent a townhome, condo or apartment complex in Miami Beach, we can help you pick out the perfect home. You can contact our realtors to browse a wide range of properties in Miami Beach for both selling and renting.


    The average household income in Miami Beach is $185,207. Whites and Hispanics make up a significant chunk of the population in the city while African-Americans, Asians and Latinos are in minority. The male population is slightly higher in the area. The average price of real estate here is $594,000, while the average cost of renting is $2,300. The number of blue-collar workers is slightly higher than white-collar workers in the area. The city is famous for its high Cuban population.

    Restaurants and Shopping Malls

    The beautiful streets of the city are lined with fantastic, high-end dining locations that offer a slew of Cuban, Peruvian, Caribbean, American and Asian cuisines. Prepare to be blown away by the brilliant taste and cheap prices here. Some famous restaurants in the city are Santorini by Georgios, Pane and Vino, CVI.CHI 105, Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza, Buon Pane Italiano, Café Prima Pasta and Italymania.

    You will find some of Miami’s finest retail conglomerates in the area. If you are looking for a fantastic shopping spree, you can visit several shopping destinations the city has to offer. Some notable shopping locations include Village of Merrick Park, Dadeland Mall, Lincoln Road Mall, Bal Harbor Shops and Aventura Mall.


    There are plenty of good schools in Miami Beach, some of which are:

    • Miami Beach Senior High School
    • Biscayne Elementary School
    • South Pointe Elementary School
    • Patrick Catholic School
    • Nautilus Middle School

    Home Age

    The majority of construction work in Miami Beach was completed between 1930 and 1940.

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    You can contact our realtor, Dan Maza on +1 (305)433-2818 for more information.