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    Surfside - Neighborhood details, listings & statistics
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    Surfside is a small beachside town in Miami with a tiny community brimming with character. The town was incorporated with the signatures of about 36 residents in 1935. The neighborhood has managed to retain the vision of a relatively small oceanfront community that is heavily centered on businesses, tourism and most importantly residents.

    Nowadays this quaint and picturesque town invites you to stroll and explore; the expansive and stunning beach draws visitors and locals who want to avoid the bustle and crowd of the Miami Beach. In addition, the community center in the area provides entertainment and fun for the entire family.

    New restaurants are lined parallel to historic structures and topnotch barber shops, all located only a couple of steps from one of the most exquisite and pristine beaches that the world has to offer.

    The real estate in this small town largely consists of 3 and 4 bedroom houses. But you will also find a few properties that are smaller or larger in size. The real estate in the area offers you the choice of buying or renting a condo, an apartment or a house.

    Therefore, whether you’re looking to buy or rent a condo, an apartment or conventional house in Surfside, our realtors can be of immense help. They will show you a broad and versatile collection of Surfside condos, apartments and luxury real estate for both rent and sale.


    The average income of a household in Surfside is $129,965. Whites are the largest ethnic group in the area followed by Hispanics, African-Americans and Asians. The population of this small town is just under 6,000. The female population in the region is slightly higher than male population.  The average real estate sale price in this town is $840,000, while the average rental price is $7,300.

    Restaurants and Shopping Malls

    Surfside has a number of great restaurants that offer a fine dining as well as casual eating atmosphere. The restaurants in this serene town are known for their Italian, Japanese and American cuisines. Some of the popular restaurants in the area are Kosh Miami, Café Ragazzi, The Harbor Grill, Makoto, The Palm Miami, BurgerFi, IHOP and Moncheese Pizza.

    The area also features a number of great shopping malls. Some of the more popular ones include Dsquared2 Retail Mi, Sans Souci Plaza, Mall at 163 rd Street, Emerald Square, Aventura Mall and Bal Harbor Shops.


    There are a number of good schools in Surfside, some of which are listed below:

    • Miami-Dade County Public Schools
    • Mater Academy Miami Beach
    • School Elevator
    • Treasure Island Elementary School
    • Master Tattoo Institute
    • Robert Ingram Elementary
    • Biscayne Elementary School

    Home Age

    A great majority of homes in this area were constructed recently. Most homes are well-renovated and boast the latest and top notch designs. A big variety of homes were built after the 1970s and older houses are rare in this area.

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