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    Wynwood - Neighborhood details, listings & statistics
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    Wynwood is a very popular art district in Miami and is located north of Overtown and Downtown Miami and bounded by I-95 to the west and north, Florida’s East Railway is located to its east, and North 20th Street is located to its south.

    Before becoming the famous art destination that it is presently, Wynwood was only an industrial and warehouse district that gave in to urban decay. Murals, graffiti and street arts were welcomed and appreciated by the local residents and have motivated modern developers to bring life and activity to this forgotten town.

    The neighborhood received massive amount of redevelopment and investment funds in 2005.

    In only a couple of years, the lonely and lifeless neighborhood of Wynwood has been rejuvenated with a new life and has evolved into a popular avenue for innovators, artists and creators.

    Wynwood neighborhood overflows with vibrant restaurants, artwork, clothing stores, breweries, and club and dance venues, among a variety of other retail options. The region is highlighted by colorful artwork and murals that meticulously cover the walls of many edifices.

    The majority of real estate in Wynwood is made up of small (1 to 2 bedroom) and medium-sized (3 to 6 bedroom) properties. There are 722 homes available for sale in this neighborhood in the form of houses, condos and high-rise apartments.

    Therefore, whether you are looking to buy or rent a condo, an apartment or luxury real estate in Wynwood, we can help you get something that truly suits you. They will show you a broad and versatile collection of Wynwood condos, apartments and luxury real estate for both rent and sale.


    The average income of a household in Wynwood is $30,735. Hispanics are the largest ethnic group in the area followed by whites and African-Americans. The area also has a large number of Puerto Ricans who migrated here in 1950s. The population in the region is equally divided in terms of gender.  The average real estate sale price in this town is $968,650 while the average rental price is $2,100. White collars workers in the area are higher than blue collar workers.

    Restaurants and Shopping Malls

    Wynwood has a number of great restaurants that offer a great dining experience. Nowadays, Wynwood is one of the finest neighborhoods if you want to grab the best coffee, pies and bread in the city. The restaurants offer a variety of Italian, Peruvian, Mexican and American cuisines. Some of the most popular restaurants in Wynwood are KYU, Beaker & Gray, The British Garden, The Wynwood Yard, Della Test Kitchen, Wood Tavern, Jimmy’z Kitchen and Bunbury.

    The area also has a number of great shopping malls; most of them have opened recently. Some of the more popular ones are MVM Miami, Marine Layer, Italia Independent, Nomad Tribe, Boho Hunter and Wynwood Shades.


    There are a number of good schools in Wynwood, some of which are listed below:

    North Beach Elementary School

    Design & Architecture Senior High School

    MAST Academy

    Ada Merritt K-8 Center

    South Pointe Elementary School

    Miami Arts Charter School

    Home Age

    A majority of residential homes in this area were constructed between 1940 and 1969, followed by homes that were built after the 1970s.

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