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Selected Listings

    Existing listings

    Gran Paraiso

    , 600 NE 31st St, Miami, FL 33137

    • Price Range$649,000 to $2,395,900
    • Bedrooms1-3
    • Year Built2017
    • Number of units388
    • Stories45
    • SF Rangen/a to 3,205 SF
    • Average Price / Sq.Ft$1,035
    • Average Days on Market344 day(s)

    Gran Paraiso 

    Paraiso Bayviews is a stunning tower rising in Miami. It is one of four Paraiso Bay mega project buildings. The project includes One Paraiso, Paraiso Bay, Paraiso Bay II, and the aforementioned. Likewise, it is developed by Related Group and designed by Arquitectonica. It is to stand at 600 NE 31st St, Miami, FL 33137. From there, the occupants may enjoy either the city line or the bay views. Shops and restaurants are within a fair distance from the soon to rise. Miami International Airport is about 15 minutes away from the tower.

    Gran Paraiso Additional Info

    The pre-selling of units, however, has been taken place for a significant time. Paraiso Bayviews will be iconic with its bubble-like features on its facade. It will be composed of 44 stories. And it will have the surprising capacity of 396 residences.

    This tower is very open when it comes to bringing pets within the building. The services in this condominium is much like the common. It has 24hr valet parking services to go with the complimentary reserved parking. Convenience is promised with its reliable concierge services which are on call. Comfort is nonetheless assured with its double height lobby. To add to this, it has spacious lounge areas open for the occupants. There are a lot of privileges that comes with owning a unit. First, the occupants will be given free access to Beach Clubs and Michael Schwartz Restaurant. Second, the residents will enjoy a wide lap style pool within the tower. Third, the tenants will also have an access to the alternative 75-foot sunset swimming pool. Fourth, it has rooftop jacuzzi areas. Relaxation is guaranteed with the condominium’s on-site spa. Another option would be the theater accessible to the occupants. There will also be a tennis court within the vicinity of the tower. Fitness can be maintained with its fully equipped health and wellness center. Lastly, there is a 3000 sq. ft. function room which may be rented by the tenants. It is open for events such as parties.

    Gran Paraiso Units 

    The units in Paraiso Bayviews embody the elegance of the tower. The residences may contain 1-3 bedrooms dependent on the owner’s’ preference. The variation in type and number of bedrooms result to floor areas ranging from 750-1287 sq. ft. The condominiums have 9 foot high ceilings. To match this, the condominium units have floor to ceiling window made from glass. This is also partnered with glassed private balconies. The units are generously given a wide floor area. Thus, there are sizeable living rooms per unit. Also, the residences have roomy dining areas. The condominiums are semi-furnished with modern appliances.

    The condominiums are being offered with an average selling price of $500,000. It is a good investment opportunity given that the 31st street is soon to be exclusive. Thus, not only do the residents avail the amenities, they also avail privacy and exclusivity.

    Gran Paraiso Amenities

    • 24hr valet parking services
    • Reliable concierge on call
    • Double height lobby
    • Spacious lounge areas
    • Free access to Beach Clubs and Michael Schwartz Restaurant
    • Wide lap style pool
    • 75-foot sunset swimming pool
    • Rooftop jacuzzi areas
    • On-site relaxation spa
    • Theater
    • Tennis court
    • Fully equipped health and wellness center
    • 3000 sq. ft. function room

    Gran Paraiso Unit Features

    • 1-3 bedrooms per condominium
    • 750-1287 sq. ft. floor area
    • 9 foot high ceilings
    • Floor to ceiling window made from glass
    • Glass private balconies
    • Sizable living room
    • Roomy dining area
    • Semi-furnished with modern appliances

    Questions about this property? Call +1-305-433-2818.



    31 for sale

    Of Building

    12 for rent

    Of Building

    Sales History

    • past 12

    • 24-36

    • 36-60

    avg price per sf
    avg sold price
    344 day(s)
    avg days on market


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