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Selected Listings

    Existing listings

    Parc Lofts

    , 1749 NE Miami Court Miami FL 33137

    • Price Range$315,000 to $1,999,999
    • Bedrooms1-3 Bedrooms
    • Year Built2005
    • Number of units72
    • Stories6
    • SF Rangen/a to 3,078 SF
    • Average Price / Sq.Ft$691
    • Average Days on Market75 day(s)

    parc lofts Logo

    Parc Lofts

    If high-rise luxury condos are all the talk in Midtown Miami these days, Parc Lofts offer you something completely different. Instead of focusing on luxury, the industrial-looking building focuses on creativity and space. For the artistic, creative, and dynamic, it is a real investment opportunity.

    When you look at it from the outside, it gives off an industrial atmosphere. This is good precisely because this is the point of having a loft-style living. It is not supposed to be lavish and ultra -ity they deserve. You can see this in the building’s amenities. Even if it only has 72 units and six floors, it has a full-time concierge. It also has an around the clock video surveillance and security. Residents do not have to worry about anything in this building.

    Parc Loft Condo Units For Sale

    Although there is something they have to focus on — their very own loft. When you buy your unit, they are not handed to you fully furnished. When you buy it with an average selling price of $380 per square foot, expect to have a bare space. This is not to give you a hard time moving in and buying your own furniture. Parc Lofts does not want any of that. However, they are giving you the freedom to transform your space into something uniquely your own. Each unit is around 15-20 feet tall. It has pipes and posts exposed and you can expect concrete walls all around. It is your choice whether to put wood or varnished cement.

    Along with designing your very own space, the restrictions on the property are very much loose. You can design your own loft with white walls, laminates, a fire place, etc. The choice is truly up to you. Some residents have even gone as far as converting it into their own personal work space. If you are a photographer, you can hang as many photos on the walls.

    The developer of the building aims to encourage creativity. In a nutshell, Parc Lofts was built for those who have a knack for design and creativity. If you prefer making your space a luxury unit, then you are free to do so. Even if the facade is not exactly modern, it does ensure that you live comfortably with barely any restrictions. There aren’t any pet restrictions too!

    There are only less than 10 units left. If you feel that one unit is meant for you, then contact your realtor now. Your creative space is just at your fingertips.

    Parc Lofts Amenities and Services

    • 24-hour concierge services
    • 24-hour security and video surveillance
    • heated swimming pool
    • sun deck with day beds and umbrellas
    • fully equipped fitness center
    • pet-friendly (no weight restrictions)

    Parc Lofts Residential Features

    • 15-20-foot loft units
    • exposed piping, ducts, and posts
    • impact-resistant glass balcony


    Questions about this property? Call +1-305-433-2818.



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    4 for rent

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    Sales History

    • past 12

    • 24-36

    • 36-60

    avg price per sf
    avg sold price
    75 day(s)
    avg days on market


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