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    Local Penthouse Guide

    87 park novak djokovic penthouse view


    There are many levels of penthouses in Miami. The penthouse can be quite a modest accomodation and not out of reach of even the most middle class of individuals. But then there are the multi-millionaires who purchase penthouses above 3 million. Once you get above 6 million you are talking about the multi-generational wealth of global celebrities. And finally, anything above 10 million is usually reserved for the billionaires of Miami.

    Take a look and see how some of your favorite sports heroes and billionaire businessman live their lives in this comprehensive penthouse guide to Miami.

     Cheap Penthouses: $1 Million Range

    Sunny Isles Beach

    sunny isles bedroom

    Although a million dollars is nothing to sneeze about, even for the wealthy, this would be considered a cheap penthouse for sale. This finely detailed penthouse is located in the luxurious Trump Royale residence, and it is unique in how it combines the ocean view with that of the city. Here, you’ll find an exclusive abode where you can get lost in the beautiful lights surrounding you. Take advantage of the fitness center, heated pool or spa services, or alternatively, enjoy the close proximity to the shopping and business plazas. Alternatively, if you’re looking for some much-needed rest and privacy, you can relax in your appointed Jacuzzi tub and enjoy a glass of Prosecco.

    Planning a luxury ‘staycation’ in Miami? Check here for Miami penthouses for rent.

    East Coast Avenue Penthouse

    With its exquisite display of marble floors and soaring ceilings, this is the perfect place to enjoy dramatic ocean views and painting like sunsets. A staggeringly spacious 3.138 SF property, this 2 Midtown penthouse has a one-of-a-kind glass staircase and glass doors separating the rooms. In addition, the open balcony gives you the summery breeze everyone living in Miami enjoys. Pets are also allowed on the property, but don’t forget to close the balcony doors! Needless to say that luxurious services are available in this building, however, what separates this stunning duplex from others is the perfect mixture of culture and fashion.

    $3 – $5 million Penthouses

    Dwyane Wade’s $3 million Penthouse

    It’s not every day that a property previously occupied by Dwyane Wade is available on the market. If luxury is highly important to you, this apartment will not disappoint with its area spanning over 3 floors and includes 3 bedroom, 5.5 bathrooms, and 2 living areas. But it doesn’t end there. The Vizcayne residence also has a skyloft and 5 terraces, and one of them actually has a view of Wade’s workplace. That might not be the icing on the cake for you, but this might: the building features a sunset pool, spa, gym, game rooms, business center and even a movie theater. Additionally, if you’re in need of extra motivation during a workout, why not enjoy the jogging deck with the charming view of the Biscayne Bay?

    Sunny Isles Beach Penthouse

    4.5 mil penthouse stairwell in sunny isles

    Located in downtown Miami, this 2 story penthouse is a rare gem. The property stands out due to the fact that you can marvel in an 180-degree view of the ocean, meaning that even as you’re lying in your Jacuzzi, the ocean is gleaming back at you. Featuring subtle calacatta gold marble, this home is a proud embodiment of technology and innovation, as everything has an integrated touch screen technology (audio, lighting, automatic shades). If you’re looking for a property with a lot of space and a stunning view, this 4.896 SF penthouse will be the perfect match for you.

    Bal Harbor Penthouse

    If you have ever heard of Bal Harbour Tower, then you’ll be familiar with its remarkable services and amenities. Among the most famous ones, the private restaurant is a true work-of-art, featuring gourmet dishes and an extravagant décor. Inside the renowned Tower, you will find this noteworthy penthouse which features 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and even staff quarters. What makes this property unique is the fact that it has unobstructed views of the city, the ocean, Biscayne Bay and even the Miami skyline. Thus in a few words, this penthouse will offer a mixture of exceptional services, nature, and culture.

    Miami Beach Penthouse

    While the property still keeps a high price tag, there is a different vibe to this residence. Located in Miami Beach, the grandiose 3.817 SF home is unique because of its finishes, which include stone and wood flooring. In other words, while still truly luxurious, this property shies away from the common flashy designs and creates the feeling of an affluent Scandinavian mountain resort. You can still enjoy the building services, including the private plunge floor and outdoor kitchen, or take a walk around the 1.034 SF outdoor space. You will never feel crowded, outside or inside.

    $6 – $10 million and above Penthouses

    Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian’s Former South Beach Penthouse $6 million

    Penthouse view Miami Kardiashian

    credit: curbed miami

    If you’re a fan of the Kardashians, you may recognize this residence from “Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami”, as the two sisters lived there during the filming. The penthouse is quite impressive, featuring a staggering 2.000 SF rooftop with private entertaining space. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the Kardashian sisters, and the reality is that this top floor penthouse is worth its price tag. The 1.880 square foot interior looks elegant and well-designed, with wood floors and marble fitting complimenting each other. White, beiges and grays accompany one another, giving it a modern, contemporary touch.


    Tennis Player Novak Djokovic Miami Beach Penthouse $8.9 million

    87 park novak djokovic penthouse view

    credit: 87 park

    According to Novak Djokovic himself, what makes this penthouse unique is not the amenities and services it has, such as exclusive bars, pools or spas. Instead, the retired tennis player loves the glassed-walled residence impresses through its stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. However, this is not your run-of-the-mill design. The vegan Djokovic is a keen environmentalist, and his new penthouse reflects exactly that. Additionally, the property grants exclusive residence to a private park, which would be the perfect spot to take walks with his two-year-old son. All in all, the building follows an eco-conscious approach, making sustainable-living what it should be: a lifestyle.

    Pharrell Williams’ $16.8 million Bristol Tower Penthouse

    miami penthouse pharell williams

    credit: freshome

    Pharrell Williams’ Bristol penthouse aptly characterizes the singer’s extravagance. The property is 9.080 SF, but that’s not the only reason to say ‘wow’.  This property combines the beauty and simplicity in some rooms (i.e. the kitchen).While other spaces such as the family room are best described as quirky. The cute and colorful furniture combined with tasteful paintings. Like that of Brian and Stewie from Family Guy makes this residence seem friendlier and more accessible. The view impresses from wherever you are. You can even relax in your own private screening room.

    Bollywood Actress Poonam Khubani Miami Beach Double Penthouse – $17.89 million

    w condo penthouse bollywood actress

    credit: mansionglobal

    This residence was built as a W hotel-condo hybrid, and by having taken a look inside, I can say I have understood why. The double penthouse features 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, all totaling to 3.595 square foot. What makes this property impressive is the unobstructed view of the ocean. With balconies hugging the east, south and north side of the penthouse. However, the uniqueness comes from some of the features of the property. Where and who else could say that they have walls infused with liquid nitrogen? Yes, you’ve heard correctly. These walls have the capacity to become opaque. Additionally, if you’re not bothered by animals having been sacrificed for your interior design. The crocodile textured leather panels may be the perfect place for you!

    Like something you see here? Check our database for the current penthouses for sale in Miami Beach.