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    Top 10 Best Service Providers in Sunny Isles

    sunny isles service providers

    Sunny Isles Service Guide


    There are a lot of choices to make when you arrive in a new place. Service providers in Sunny Isles are a cut above the rest. Just some basic info before we get started: Sunny Isles Beach, is a resort area that’s a hotspot of cultural diversity. There are a lot of high-rise infrastructure in the area like hotels and condominiums with the Newport Beachside Resort as one of the most famous landmarks in the city (the 2008 MTV Spring Break venue).


    You’ve just moved to Sunny Isles? Great! Welcome to the neighborhood! Today we are rounding up some of the essential service businesses you might need as you make your way around the neighborhood.


    Best Computer Repair In Sunny Isles


    Mavrick Team

    This computer repair company offers a 15-minute response time for their technicians to get back to you and your computer problem, as well as same day service for your needs. They service all types of computers and systems from Mac, Windows, Linux, Red Hat, and Centos. They do all sorts of services including computer repair, virus removal, wireless LAN set-up, and more. You can choose a home or office visit if it’s more convenient for you, or you can get your computer remotely repaired by them. They guarantee repairs and won’t charge you if they can’t fix your computer’s problem. They even give free quotes.




    Similarly, this company is available for on-site repairing of computers. They can address virus removal, spyware removal, general repairs, routine maintenance, and more. In addition, they also do computer upgrades for software and hardware. They can repair all kinds of computers from laptops to desktops, and cater to both residential and commercial clients. Commercial clients can also ask them to setup Microsoft servers for them. Not only do they offer to do the service at your home or office, they even charge relatively less than if you bring your computer over to a local repair shop.



    Best Interior Designers In Sunny Isles



    Interiors By Steven G

    This interior design firm has high-end interior designers that make their clients’ visions into reality. They have a variety of top quality interior design styles that clients can choose from, and effectively reach out to their market by speaking a variety of languages as well. From Spanish to German, their licensed designers are fluent in these languages (and more!) and will surely make communicating with clients a breeze in order to really achieve what they want. They have clients not only in the Miami area, but also from all over the world.

    Sunny Isles Service Providers

    credit: Asdesigngroup


    Arnold Schulman Design Group

    With over 35 years of experience all around the world, front liner Arnold Schulman has won awards for his interior design projects. He caters to both residential and commercial clients and helps make these clients’ spaces uniquely their own. No two designs are ever the same due to his touch of color, textures, and space. He takes pride in his vision, style, and quality, the three things that make his designs stand out. He is also professional and very attentive to what his clients want in the long run, and this is evidenced in the extraordinary beauty of his past projects.


    Best Personal Trainers In Sunny Isles



    Focus and Form Fitness

    Pedro Rios specializes in a lot of areas, including fat loss, body toning, body building, nutrition, cardio boxing, boot camp, and post rehabilitation. He seeks to help all kinds of individuals and groups to achieve their health and fitness goals, both for mental and physical health and wellness. He caters to clients of all ages, shapes, and fitness goals. Pedro holds a degree in Education, majoring in Exercise Science & Wellness Education, which makes him well equipped for personal training. He is also certified by the National Federation of Professional Trainers.


    sunny isles service providers

    credit: Trainingyourbody


    Training Your Body

    Andrew Zupsich, the personal trainer of this company, has systematic methods of training help his clients reach their fitness goals in a quick, safe, and effective manner. You can choose a one on one session or a small group class to help achieve your goals, and they offer their services in a private gym that’s specially designed for personal training needs, or if you prefer it, at your own home or even outdoors at a park or a beach. They offer programs for weight training, water aerobics, walking and running, stability ball/core training, swimming, jump rope, flexibility/stretching, martial arts, and boxing.


    Best Plumbers In Sunny Isles



    BH Plumbers

    They are a locally owned and family operated company that caters to their clients’ plumbing needs. They have over 15 years of experience and remain to be one of the most recognized plumbers in Aventura, Florida where they are based. They charge fixed prices on their projects and not hourly, so clients are not charged for how long the repair takes. They can address a variety of plumbing needs from repairs to drain services. All of their plumbing staff have undergone a background check and screening to ensure the security of their clients’ safety, and are trained and equipped to deal with plumbing issues.



    Bear Plumbing

    They offer plumbing services to residential, commercial, medical, government, and industrial clients. They’ve been in service for 16 years now, and specialize in repairs, installations, remodels, cleanings, and more. All of their plumbers are professional and follow quality standards set in the industry. They can address the most simple of plumbing issues like a leaky faucet to the more complex ones like pipe replacements of entire buildings and sewer replacement. They are dedicated to providing top quality services and to doing the job right from the first time.



    Best Electricians In Sunny Isles



    Elcon Electric Incorporated

    Their electric services have been operating since 1989 and have a lifetime guarantee. They also provide free safety inspections, and promise prompt service that arrives on time, or else it’s free. They give honest up-front pricings so their clients know how much they’ll be paying for their services from the get go. They also provide free estimates and free electrical tips to help in the maintenance of electric and assure clients that someone friendly will always answer their calls live.



    RCS Electrical Services

    Their services range from simple electric repairs to more complicated control system designs. They also repair generators and install solar panels, as well as swimming pool lights and wirings. They also speak Spanish, which increases their accessibility to clients who may not speak English. They also offer services to industrial or manufacturing facilities from consultation to installation, as well as repairs and maintenance. They can be contacted anytime, and their technical and engineering teams are always available to help.



    So those are a few of our favorites in Sunny Isles. Of course, if you have any questions about condos in the neighborhood, you can always head over to our condo search page and see what’s currently on offer.