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    Miami Single Family Home Trends

    Miami Real Estate Trends provides an in-depth outlook on the direction of Miami’s single family home market. Our reports let customers view previous trends for the past 14 years. Attain a better source of information than any other Miami realtor as we turn our efforts to bringing absolute customer satisfaction. Take the guessing game out of the Miami real estate market to gain the upper hand in knowing the optimal time to sell or buy through accurately placed data.

    Achieve real estate goals through our web-based advertising and marketing plans. Over 90% of realtors make the rookie mistake of only listing the MLS while hoping another agent sells their properties. Not us; Miami Real Estate Trends professionals take a hands-on approach as we syndicate our content to more than 200 high-traffic websites on the Internet.

    Miami real estate condo trends enable our clients as we deliver maximum visibility for Miami single family home properties to qualified purchasers. Our professional services give a broad outlook on current and previous market conditions to assist interested buyers in buying a single family home. Contact us today and experience our services first hand as we show you how we managed to sell over $300 million in real estate for the past 14 years.

    Miami Beach  Home Trends Report

    Sales trends for Miami single-family homes increased minimally from the previous quarter. Sales in this category were up, as with pending sales. Pended sales increased significantly eight years ago, as with single-family homes successfully sold. Triple digit gains demonstrate a nice rebound in sales for single-family homes in the Miami Beach area.

    Bal Harbour – Bay Harbor – Surfside  Homes Trends Report

    Bal Harbour and its surrounding areas have significantly increased sales trends in comparison to an eight year ago period. The board indicates triple digit gains. However, sales comparisons in recent quarters are in a modest decline. Interested buyers should see this as a strong factor as a full rebound is expected in the following quarter.

    Coconut Grove – Coral Gables – Cutler Bay  Homes Trends Report

    Single family homes sales trends in Coconut Grove and its nearby areas are flat to down in recent quarters. Looking at quarters from 8 years ago, the inventory of single-family homes dried up but sales were in the triple digits. This proves sales for single family homes provide excellent value for the benefit of interested buyers and sellers, much to the endearment of those who’re interested in raising a family in this location.

    Seeking a condo trend report for the Miami area? Check out our other analysis specific to the markets. Updated each year to help make the ideal timing decision.