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    Six Stunning Miami Condo Lobbies

    Fendi Chateau Lobby

    Explore The Incredible Condo Lobbies of Miami Beach

    Miami is known for having some of the most beautiful scenery next to the sea. The architecture and appearance of their condo lobbies are also not to be underestimated. Sporting some of the most beautiful lobbies in the world, condos here from the biggest brands out there really complete the Miami living experience. With brands like Fendi, Armani, Porsche, and Aston Martin, these lobbies are real standouts even for the opulent luxury famous in Miami .

    Miami Condo Project

    The Miami Condo Project will be the first condominium project in the US to involve the well-known designer Karl Lagerfeld in their lobby. Currently, in pre-construction, his vision merges classical architecture and contemporary art by using photographs of Roman fountains and arches, along with an actual working fountain in the center of the lobby.

    Lagerfeld emphasizes the need for a wonderful first impression and some common space for socializing within his designs. The famous designer lobbies of The Estates at Acqualina will be built with beauty in mind, using rare materials, delicate craftsmanship, and sophisticated style to really set the stage for the most fashionable address in America.

    Fendi Chateau

    Fendi Chateau Lobby

    credit: You Realty

    The entirety of Fendi Chateau is meant to be simple yet elegant. Condominiums like these are designed to reflect this ideal. Step away from the busy fronts of Miami to find a lobby that doesn’t go overboard with the design while still being made of precious materials, sleek fixtures, and beautiful tints.

    This new paradigm for oceanfront living includes the functionality one needs with the most beautiful finishes. But, don’t forget the lobby bar. Which is included within luxury lobbies like this to help with relaxation and socialization.

    Armani Residences

    armani lobby night

    credit: MNM

    Right at the lobby within the Armani Residences, people have access to the Prive lounge for the relaxation and elegance sought after. The oceanfront pool sits right outside while the movie theater seating 24 is just around the corner. The lobby itself, however, is completely furnished with beautiful accents and features. Inviting even parents to relax as their children play in the playroom nearby. Even with the high concept designs, the lobby provides an atmosphere for residences to feel right at home.

    Porche Design Tower

    Porsche Design Tower

    credit: Porsche

    This is the first lobby in the world made by Porche Design and Dezer Developments, which also worked on the Miami Condo Project. Their designer lobby is three stories high, including a glass car elevator observatory right in the center, a lobby-level restaurant overlooking the ocean, and a bar and lounge. With the huge fireplace and big screen TVs, residents are able to relax inside without a problem.

    Aston Martin Condos

    Aston martin view from lobby

    credit: Opsias

    The condo lobbies within Aston Martin Condos are meant to be state of the art in terms of their amenities. They combine beauty and functionality all at once. Make use of the amenities lobby in order to feel right at home, with a secondary lobby just a few floors up.

    Aston Martin hasn’t even restricted themselves to one lobby either. Instead, there’s a gallery and art lobby. They are displaying works of art one can appreciate while teens are in the game room or kids are in the playroom. Make use of the open and inviting lobbies in the theater and spa as well in order to add to the overall experience.

    Mission Baia Miami Residences

    Within the many floors of Mission Baia, there is the elegant lobby including many amenities like a personal concierge and 24-hour reception desk. The ceilings are three times the height compared to other areas.This adds an open feeling to the luxury lobby within Mission Baia. The wide windows allow everyone to gaze outside. Along with the lovely landscaping, the terraces create an outdoor paradise right at the entrance of the residences.

    For the elegance and state of the art style, Miami residents are looking for, it’ll be difficult to find anywhere that can compete with the style and beauty of any of these.