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Selected Listings

    Existing listings

    Terra Beachside Villas

    , 6000 Collins Avenue Miami Beach FL 33140

    • Price Range$359,900 to $925,000
    • Bedrooms1-3 bedrooms
    • Year Built2006
    • Number of units116
    • Stories7
    • SF Rangen/a to 2,049 SF
    • Average Price / Sq.Ft$503
    • Average Days on Market40 day(s)

    Terra Beachside Villas logo

    Terra Beachside Villas

    For those looking for a trendy and safe community by the beach, then Terra Beachside Villas is ideal for you.  It’s in the heart of luxury living and upscale developments in Florida, and, many claim, in the country as well. Miami Beach, where it’s located, is bustling with the best restaurants, clubs and bars, hotels, shopping boutiques and art installations.

    The Terra Beachside Villas development gives the best combination of a luxurious lifestyle and resort-style living. It’s nestled in a commercial and social district that just, fortunately, happens to be a close walk to the beach. Life here is like a daily staycation. It allows you to rejuvenate because of what’s offered within the property, and also the neighborhood that surrounds it.

    The Colorful Neighborhood

    A short distance from your home is a wide selection of fine dining restaurants for date nights and Sunday brunch. Some of the most renown names are the following:

    • Pied à Terre, a French Mediterranean restaurant that’s celebrated for it’s Michelin chef-crafted menu and lux interior
    • The Dutch Miami, frequented for its culturally rich vibe and food
    • Makoto, one of popular restaurateur Stephen Starr’s new ventures

    The Terra Beachside Villas is also close to one of the most concentrated shopping areas in Miami Beach, Lincoln Road.  It houses everything you could possibly need, from Club Monaco to Sephora. This community is also ideal for those who live an active lifestyle. You have miles to jog and the open sea to train in. Because of its diverse community and colorful culture, it has something  to offer to everyone. There are close-by parks and museums for families, places to socialize and enjoy, and sprawling beaches for the sea-loving sort.

    Features and Amenities

    Terra Beachside Villas’ luxury condos have an elaborate exterior that will remind you of the resorts in Maldives and Hawaii. The amenities include 400-foot long garden that’s enclosed in an arched roof atrium overlooking the pool. It’s the reflect, take walks or just enjoy the scenery. Just like how you’d imagine living in a resort would be like, they have their own heated pools. Each poolside is perfectly staged  beach chairs and mini cabanas, where you can tan, chat with other residents or relax. Apart from that, you also get access to the private marina to the intercostal and private oceanfront beach club membership.

    For those who want more outside of the beach and pool perks, the property also has its own clubhouse. It hosts a variety of activities that you could enjoy, or you can just go to socialize with other residents. You’re also free to use the indoor fitness center if you prefer working out comfortably in an air conditioned room. When you consider Terra Beachside Villas’ condos for sale, think about buying more than just property, but also a lifestyle.

    An Amazing Home and Investment

    That’s not to say that the condos are not the prime offering, because they certainly are. For the Terra Beachside Villas’ prices per unit, you get a generous living space. A one bedroom’s average size is 1,095 square feet, while 3-story unit can be as spacious as 3,495 square feet. You can even choose from a variety of floor plans – Fire, Water, Wind and Earth, depending on your preference.

    If you’re looking for the perfect investment, then you’ve found it. Getting a $2 Million-worth room for $1 million now or $600,000 for $435,000 is a huge opportunity to earn. Not only are you already profiting from its highly discounted prices of almost half off, it’s also easy to sell. You can even opt to rent it out if you want continuous income. The Terra Beachside Villas’ neighborhood is a growing community, meaning the demand for real estate is constant. More people will want to stay in a luxury condo that’s close to downtown necessities and has a great beach view. This is your chance to either live in an amazing home or earn from others who do.


    Questions about this property? Call +1-305-433-2818.



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