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    Top 10 Best Service Providers in Brickell

    top 10 service providers in Brickell

    So you have moved into Brickell, maybe Santa Maria or Jade at Brickell, but the area is still unfamiliar to you. Check out our personalized list of the best service providers in the Brickell area.

    These are services our condo buying clients required immediately or in the near future after moving in. The list ranges from interior designers, house cleaners, plumbers, electricians, to pet groomers. Each kind of service has two of the top service providers who specialize in it. A lot of them offer the highest quality of service at very affordable costs.

    Best Interior Designers In Brickell

    Miami Reach Lobby

    credit: Wallpaper

    MV Construction

    MV Construction is a construction company that offers a range of multi-disciplinary services from construction to remodeling homes. Their client list is made up of national hotel chains, real estate developers, Fortune 500 members, and a lot more. Their standards make no room for anything else but excellence, and their clients can expect this from them from the inception of their ideas up to the final output. They creatively tailor each project to be cost-effective in all relevant ways and to best fit their client’s ideas and expectations. They also place importance on enforcing safety policies to protect everyone working on their projects.

    Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

    Having over 15 years of experience, this interior design firm caters to clients needing assistance with their residential designs. Their projects range from modest to high-end residential spaces. They take pride in bringing a stylish, original, and sophisticated touch to all of their projects. Their quality results come from the shared vision of both owner and artist, and Jorge Castillo’s (the owner) creative and imaginative process works with both traditional and contemporary designs. Their friendly approach brings in clients from Chicago, Chapel Hill, and South Florida. And this diverse range of clients gets to enjoy unique living spaces with JCD’s trademark.

    Best House Cleaning Services in Brickell

    AAA Cleaning Pros

    With affordable rates, this cleaning company offers high-quality services.They promise only to seek long-term relationships with their clients. They only get the best contractors in terms of experience, qualifications, training, and professionalism. This business started out in the 50’s with a small number of employees (just two) but quickly grew as it became evident that there was an interested market for their services. Now they have franchises all over but still retain the established tradition of affordable pricing while providing high-quality services for all their clients, both residential and commercial.   

    Miami Maid Spotless

    This company holds cleaning to the highest standard, but apart from that, they also believe in the value of kindness. They seek to treat all living things and the environment well, and this is exemplified in their use of eco-friendly and all-natural cleaning products. Because of this quality, the products used for their cleaning services are child and pet-friendly. Their maids are all experts who provide high-quality cleaning services, unlike some of the other companies that do offer low rates at the expense of the quality of their cleaning. They offer weekly cleaning services that are perfect for people who have allergies and need constantly clean houses.

    Best Plumbers in Brickell

    Call A Pro Plumbing

    This company offers anyone in Brickell the best means to find a local plumber.  Available 24/7, interested clients simply need to call the hotline and reach one of the many pro plumbers that they have. They cater to plumbing needs like full-service plumbing, emergency services, simple repairs, and replacements. They also offer cleaning and unclogging drains. They serve clientele from both residential and commercial spaces. They also offer help in installing fixtures, dealing with frozen pipes, garbage disposals, gas lines, and more.

    Home Improvement Experts

    Similar to Call A Pro, this company also helps clients to find local contractors to best help them with their needs. With the number of professional contractors, that’s reachable through their service, clients can have side by side comparisons of price estimates. They have contractors for just about any form of residential or commercial contracting project that their clients may have. Their services include plumbing, pest control, snow removal, remodeling, restoration, repairing appliances, cleaning, and so on. They have contractors for practically any form of home improvements so they won’t be a wasted call.

    Best Electricians In Brickell

    Langer Electric Services

    Launched in 1939, Langer is a certified electrical contractor who has an excellent safety record and takes pride in good service. With over 40 trucks in their fleet, you can be sure they’re ready to dispatch their electricians out to help you as soon as possible! They’ve also taken part in some of Brickell’s bigger projects such as hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. We’ve had them called out for viewings and we couldn’t be happier.

    On Call Electrical

    This company offers the services of electricians that remain on call 24/7. Their staff can provide clients with high-quality service and informed advice regarding all sorts of electrical projects that they may need. From simple home electrical services, mere light installation, to a revamp of a house’s wiring. They’ve got the best electricians on hand. All of their electricians have years of service and can do the job fast, at very affordable prices. Clients won’t worry about recurring problems as they can do their jobs right the first time round.

    Best Dog Grooming Services in Brickell

    walking dog in park near brickell

    credit: Prevention

    Pet Avenue

    This family owned company offers a full-service salon and spa for dogs. They pamper each dog that goes into their salon. Aiming to not only make each dog beautiful but also happier and healthier. They believe in grooming pets well and they offer a range of grooming services to help make this a reality. They use all natural products to be both eco- and pet-friendly, which helps care for dogs’ skins and coats. Apart from being a spa, they are also dog groomers. They do everything that needs to be done to keep dogs healthy and well-groomed (yes, even anal gland expressing!!)

    Kool And Kute

    Their services root in their treatment of each pet that comes through their doors. And that’s by treating them as their very own. This makes them one of our very best service providers on the list. This pet care boutique establishes trust, comfort, and safety for pets to feel right at home. They offer pet grooming services that make use of holistic and hygienic products. They can even style a pet’s hair according to its owner’s preference. They also offer a day care and a 24/7 boarding service for parents who need someone reliable to watch over their pet while they’re away. Plus, they have a range of organic pet foods that pet owners can choose from.