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    World Trade Center Of The Americas

    , 340 Biscayne Blvd., Miami FL 33130

    This Project is currently in PRE-CONSTRUCTION
    • Price RangeTBD
    • Bedrooms1, 2 & 3 PH
    • Year BuiltTBD
    • Number of units400 Residential (FL 37 to 76)
    • Stories77
    • SF RangeTBD
    • Average Price / Sq.FtTBD
    • Average Days on Market

    World Trade Center Of The Americas

    Proposed Project

    A developer has submitted plans to one of the tallest high rise condo towers in Miami 77-story tower called World Trade Center Of The Americas at 340 Biscayne Boulevard. At it’s highest point, the tower would reach a height of 953-feet, making it one of the tallest in Miami.

    The proposed tower is being designed to maximize entitlements permitted under the zoning code. The mixed-use tower uses exactly 1,439,352 square feet of FLR – the maximum permitted, without wasting a single square foot.

    World Trade Center Of The Americas Map

    • At the bottom of the tower will be lobby and retail space, with a 516 space parking garage and 52 bicycle spots.
    • Levels 16 through 23 consist of office space. In total, 246,529 square feet of office space is planned.
    • Next, a ten-floor hotel will start at floor 27, with 100 rooms.
    • The remainder of the tower, from floor 37 to 76, is dedicated to residential space. There are 400 units planned.
    • The property sits on Biscyane Boulevard directly in front of the Empire World Towers site, recently purchased by PMG. A Holiday Inn is currently on the site and would be demolished.
    • ITC Center Miami, LLC and BH Downtown Miami, LLC are the companies that submitted the proposal. Both companies list Regalia Sunny Isles developer Louis Montello as a Registered Agent.
    • Representatives of the developer are now working with city officials to get the plan approved, with a hearing before the UDRB scheduled for next week.
    • Arquitectonica is the project architect.


    Questions about this property? Call +1-305-433-2818.

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